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News & Events

Salesforce Customer Service Summit 2019 – Milano

On 3 July 2019 in Milan, BeCloud Solutions participated as Gold Sponsor at the second Italian Salesforce event for Service Cloud “Customer Service Summit” where the latest frontiers of customer care will be presented, declined through the success stories of Salesforce customers. An audience of 500 people will be with us…

Customer Service Conference 2019 - Milano

On 27 March 2019 in Milan, BeCloud Solutions participated as a Silver Sponsor at the “Customer Service Conference” where presented his 100% Cloud Contact Center Omnichannel solution and all news in the Customer Service field: Artifical Intelligence platform, Amazon AWS and more…

BeCloud Solutions and Cluster Reply: Fast & Cloud Customer Service Solution

BeCloud Solutions and Cluster Reply are pleased to announce the “Fast & Cloud Customer Service” Solution: an integration between BeInContact (BeCloud Solutions Cloud Contact Center Solution) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Salesforce integration available on Appexchange

BeCloud Solutions announced that the integration between BeInContact (Cloud Contact Center solution) and is available now on AppExchange, the world’s most popular Marketplace for Cloud Business Apps.

Progetto RAI – Portobello

BeCloud Solutions è lieta di aver fornito a RAI per il programma Portobello in diretta su Raiuno in prima serata al sabato sera nel periodo tra Ottobre e Dicembre 2018, la propria soluzione di Cloud Contact Center per la gestione delle telefonate ricevute in diretta TV ed un sistema h24 di segreteria telefonica per candidarsi come partecipanti al programma.

Salesforce Customer Service Summit 2018 – Milano

On 6 November 2018 in Milan, BeCloud Solutions will participate as Gold Sponsor at the first Italian Salesforce event for Service Cloud “Customer Service Summit” where the latest frontiers of customer care will be presented, declined through the success stories of Salesforce customers. An audience of 150 people will be with us.

BeNext - AI platform natively integrated with BeInContact

We are proud to announce our latest solution, an AI integrated platform (BeNext): it is built on a proprietary algorithm, which can learn new concepts and automatically improve through its extended use, in fact, BeNext understands natural language and interacts in a way that is quite similar to a human.

Customer Experience Conference - Milano

On 1 March 2018 in Milan, BeCloud Solutions participated as a Sponsor at the “Customer Service” conference where presented his Cloud Contact Center Solution and  all news in the Customer Service field: A.I. platform, Amazon AWS and more…

Finance and Customer Experience

On 8 February 2018 in Milan, BeCloud Solutions participated as a guest at the “Finance & Customer Experience” workshop where presented his Cloud Contact Center solution and a success case of financial market.

Second data center: Sydney (Australia)

We have expanded our presence to Australia and New Zealand market: we deployed a new platform in Sydney that includes access to local telecom providers.

Customer Experience 2020

On October 12, BeCloud Solutions attended the Customer Experience 2020 conference in Milan as Silver Sponsor, it was organized by CMI Customer Management Insights to explore the future of customer relationship.

The day has been divided into thematic areas to deepen the strategies and technologies that are already discussed and will have an impact on Customer Experience.

New Partnership: Ekulus (Australia)

Ekulus, a technology firm specialized in consulting and centred around Single Customer View and Customer Experience solutions, to be newest Australian partner to deliver BeCloud Solutions offering’s to its customers.

Today BeCloud Solutions announce an additional Australian partner to deliver its omnichannel Cloud Contact Center solution.

Customer Centricity = Customer Service? - Milano

An event to discover how to develop a strategy of customer experience and customer centricity for your own business.

An occasion to show our full-cloud solution specific for the customer service, to supply a free consulence during the one to one sessions and present, with Salesforce, the efficient of our CTI integration with Salesforce CRM, explaining Q8 success story.

Kick Off 2016 - Fossano

Group Kick Off and Awards at Palazzo Righini in Fossano, the right way to kickstart the new year!

Oracle Cloud Day - Milan

An Oracle event to discover how you can transform your organization with the leading enterprise Cloud platform and
  • Respond faster to new opportunities by deploying best-in-class applications quickly and easily
  • Effortlessly integrate your public cloud services and on-premises applications to simplify your IT enterprise
  • Extend your SaaS applications using our enterprise-grade cloud platform

CRM E Customer Experience for Hospitality Industry - Rimini

We organised this event at Compagnia delle Opere to show hospitality enterprises how to:

  • manage customers and their information efficiently
  • improve customer retention and grow one’s customer base
  • optimise one’s business process   

by using BeCloud and Enigen services and solutions.

Christmas Dinner

We celebrate together Christmas and the New Year because a great team grows and strengthens even during the holidays.

Team meeting - Milan EXPO

Team meeting between BeCloud, Enigen Italia and Enigen UK: an occasion to know each other, share one’s needs and align strategies and next step.

At the end of the meeting, we visited Expo: a great team building experience!

Salesforce Essentials - MILAN

Salesforce Essentials Milan, the annual event organized by the Italian market by Salesforce, the CRM vendor globally leading platform for the management of processes of marketing, sales and customer care.

Matching 2014 Live - Milan

We took part in the Matching program 2014: we participated in the Matching Live of Milan, a three-day event to network, exchange goals and knowledge, have one-to-one meetings, do events and workshops.