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A partnership that generates value

Arquati, a historic Italian brand synonymous with awnings and pergolas is a brand without equal in the world. For more than 60 years, it has been offering made in Italy tailor-made solutions suited to every need to always experience outdoor spaces at their best.

The uniqueness and recognizability of the Arquati brand come from the courage and expertise that have always distinguished it. For Arquati it is important that the product corresponds to the customer’s habits of living the interior, and exterior of a home or office.



The collaboration between BeCloud and Arquati stems from the need to optimize Customer Service and Contact Center activities to improve service quality and connect to people faster.

Through the implementation of BeInContact – an Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center platform, it was possible to achieve these goals to the point of enabling the management of a rapidly growing number of interactions (for the year 2021 about 250,000 inbound calls and 400,000 outbound calls), both on the voice and SMS channels, from Swiss, French and Italian customers.



Thanks to BeInContact, Arquati has covered 360 degrees of all inbound and outbound communication processes of the sales area, the customer and consultant service area, as well as appointment taking and payment reminders. Through the automation of various processes, it has been possible to improve the Customer Experience and at the same time optimize agent operations, taking advantage of constant monitoring that has allowed and enabled the evolution of Customer Service activities over time.

With the integration between BeInContact and Arquati’s CRM, it was possible to enrich the agent experience with all the information related to the end customer, so as to optimize management time, both for customer service requests and for Outbound Campaign calls for recontact or on a target list basis. In addition to the voice channel, the SMS channel has also been integrated so that it can be sent automatically directly from the CRM.


Voice Channel: The provision of black phone numbers with French, Swiss and Italian area codes was requested. The call made by customers is intercepted by BeInContact’s intelligent IVR that interfaces with Arquati’s Custom CRM for caller recognition reporting to the agent all the information needed to fulfill requests quickly and efficiently. Callback functionality has also been added; through a virtual queue, the customer can be called back automatically, without being kept on hold.


SMS Channel: SMS service has been configured for manual sending of messages directly from BeInContact’s Agent Desktop Stand Alone by operators, or in automatic mode via SMS Campaign.


Outbound Campaign Manager: Outbound campaigns are managed through Campaign Manager with BeInContact’s List Manager, to proactively reach customers, for appointment scheduling or for the purpose of selling Arquati products. The contact lists are profiled within the CRM and imported within Campaign Manager: the dialing system in Preview or Progressive mode, proposes to the operator or dials autonomously the numbering of the record to be called and, at the same time of the call, the operator finds on the screen all the information of the customer being contacted, present within the lists.

For the management of all channels, inbound and outbound, the operator uses BeInContact Agent Desktop stand alone, thus having, in a single screen, all data related to the caller/caller.



The first of the benefits is the simplification of processes, through the implemented automations, improving the daily work of agents. In fact, agents have understood the added value brought by the adoption of an omnichannel platform, having the ability to communicate with customers on different contact channels and through transparent and effective processes.

With BeInContact it is possible to constantly monitor agents’ performance, so as to identify any needs, and quickly settle any critical issues that arise.



“Arquati’s Contact Center needed comprehensive technology to handle all communication channels. Together with the partnership with BeCloud, we now have a robust CXM solution with all the functionality needed to raise the level of customer service we provide to customers.”

Federico Schettini

Director of Purchasing

In short

Customer: Arquati

Sector: Retail

Location: Italy, Switzerland


• Optimizing activities and improving customer service

• Managing a large number of interactions on the voice and SMS channel


Outbound Campaigns

Voice Channel Integrated with CRM

Optimize ‘operability of Inbound agents


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