Customer Care AI & Chatbot


BeNext is a suite of multilingual artificial intelligence services able to learn concepts and automatically improve their performance through the progressive expansion of its database.

BeNext is able to manage data from any source and can be used for Customer Care AI, Marketing and Sales applications, allowing interactions in natural language.

It integrates artificial intelligence and Chatbot to have an increasingly immediate and personalized service.


Do you want to adopt new technologies and support new channels while reducing costs?

Close collaboration between artificial intelligence and humans is necessary to keep pace with sensitive customer situations and to optimize business performance, providing momentum towards the future.

BeNext integrates innovative online Chatbot systems, bringing natural and conversational language to become an essential component for a successful experience.

Interacting with an intelligent system becomes more and more similar to interacting with a human operator.


Thanks to BeNext and integrated Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to standardize the provision of services, facilitating and optimizing Customer Care AI activities.

The possibility of integration with BeInContact, allows, in a transparent way for the end user, to continue the conversation with a human where the Bot runs out of its knowledge base, or if the topic, by the will of the customer, must be treated with the help of an operator and not in “automatic” mode.

Therefore, the interaction initiated by the customer can be automatically scaled to an operator, without losing the context of what is required.

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