Workforce Optimization &
Workforce Management Integration

Interactions analysis and accurate planning



BeCloud offers two different, yet parallel integrations: Workforce Optimization & Management, also known as WFO and WFM.


This indispensable tools help in operators management, as well as their features and competences. It is also able to improve Contact Centers efficiency by applying accurate forecasting of call volumes. One other feature WFO/WFM has is its ability to improve a business agents planning for a better Customer Experience.


There are various WFO/WFM integrations. Asterisk, Cisco, Verint Monet, IBM Watson, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, 3CX, Aspect e Amazon Lex are but few of them. You can use WFO/WFM integrations alongside advanced algorithms to maximise and optimise your marketing department. You can then use time spared to manually create working tasks/hours according to your agent’s preferences.



Workforce management analyses call volumes and automatically plans, accordingly. It selects, thanks to the Predictive Dialer, appropriate agents with an appropriate skills set to deal and manage calls.


Agents turns are accurately planned and call volumes can be carefully predicted to maximise management. Your team expertise will be improved as well. Turn over, on the other hand, will have a drastic reduction to grant even more efficiency in your Contact Center.


Be it voice, video, mail, chat, SMS or message apps your WFO/WFM instruments will help agents to manage requests. Furthermore it spares them time to be more creative in finding solutions and improve their knowledge base. Their relationship with customers can be improved as well.

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