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Choose BeInContact, an extremely flexible Virtual Call Center Software, to answer all smartworking call centers and their needs. The platform respects normative standars on top of granting 99.99% Business Continuity.

The platform features different pre-integrated services that can be singularly activated to soothe all business and market needs.


The Contact Center as a Service is, simply, a Cloud hosted Contact Center; the opposite of an on-premise one. This technology needs no internal service, no software upgrade nor maintenance to work.

Choose powerfull solutions, combined with an omnichannel platform, to grant your customers exceptional experiences!


Automatically update your Contact Center with the most advanced software on the market.

Cut costs and spend time doing what you do best! Offering customers continuous and customised assistance.

Implement high personalisation and scalability levels with the help of our Support team. Switching to Cloud is easy and fast. An always online solution, no matter what.


Having difficulties managing costs and improving  your Contact Center Customer Experience? Solve your issues with BeInContact! On one single web interface agents will have all the customers infos they need at their disposal.

The experience helps in daily management operations and upgrades to Customer Experience. 

Your Customer Journey process will be traced throughout all your channels thanks to our new and innovative support technologies. You’ll have all customers statistics always in your hands.

Update yourself by reaching clients on different channels. Phone, WhatsApp, mails, web chats, social, sms and so much more can always be integrated in our solution.

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Find out how our solution can help you improve your Customer Experience by simplifying the management of your customers, taking advantage of the most innovative technologies and customer support features. Send us a message, we will contact you to find the day and time that best suits your availability.


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