VoIP: digitally-oriented Voice Channel



In today’s digital era, Contact Centers serve as pivotal hubs for customer interactions, influencing the perception of a company, its brand, and ultimately customer loyalty. Yet, navigating the dynamic landscape of customer needs presents its own challenges.


Which instruments to adopt – and adapt – to improve one’s own support?

How to swiftly act to grant the best possible service?


It takes no more than a single online research to understand that VoIP technology is essential to every Contact Centre operation, to say the lest. Yet this protocol functionality, adaptability and benefits brought to Contact Centres might still be unclear. BeCloud’s here for that.


The VoIP (Voice over IP) protocol heralds a transformative departure from traditional telephone systems. Empowering internet voice communication, it seamlessly converts analog signals into digital packets. This enables uninterrupted connectivity across IP networks. Furthermore, VoIP presents a multitude of advantages over conventional telephone setups, enhancing efficiency and functionality.


The need of evolution


Trying to bring innovation in communication, expecially on the Voice Channel, dates as far back as 1966. The need of new redundant network systems stemmed from the frequent disruption of traditional phone infrastructures. After years of studying it was Danny Cohen, in 1973, who first brought a voice packet manager protocol to life. The developed Network Voice Protocol worked through ARPANET, United States pc network aiming at the developement of new tecnologies.


Cohen’s project public DEMO, in 1974, brought forth new protocols and tecnologies ideas, paving the way to VoIP as well.



BeInContact and VoIP: a world of opportunities


There are various advantages in a business opting for a VoIP protocoll in its Contact Centre. Thanks to BeCloud’s 100% Cloud platform, BeInContact, benefits are not limited to the Voice Channel.





One – if not the – main advantage in opting for a VoIP Contact Center. Businesses are able to keep using their own internet infrastructure for voice communications. It goes without saying that the adoption reduces telecommunication-related costs, expecially for long distance/international calls. Furthermore, VoIP eliminates the necessity of having split networks for Voice and Data, streamlining business infrastructure. Maintenance costs are reduced as well.


Our platform allows, also, the possibility of creating a direct SIP Trunk to keep one’s own call center active. The integration sends incoming calls via IP to the BeInContact solution. No additional phone traffic costs. Our IVR and ACD system will take care of the rest. Outbound calls, on the other hand, will be transferred on PSTN network using the business own lines.





Intrinsic advantages of the VoIP integration. Unlike systems requiring a physical infrastructure to expand, VoIP works digitally. Contact Center are able to adapt and scale their capacity with easiness. Adding new phone lines and incorporating new features without hardware updates is now possible as well. Flexibility and scalability are, thus, granted.


With BeInContact platform, and its VoIP protocol, there are many On Demand customisable features to take advantage of. From Automatic Routing to Interactive Voice Responce (IVR). Through the solution business operators manage all communication channels on one single we interface as well.





VoIP integration breaks every geographical barrier. Contact Center agents can take part in smartworking with easiness. Platform access is granted everywhere, anywhere provided an internet connection. Customer Support is always available and granted, improving workflow and operative resiliency. The implementation allows businesses to adatpt to different working necessities.


BeInContact allows native integration with all market.leading CRM, and custom as well. Sales, Support and Assistance team can easily access to all recorded customers information already within the business CRM. Phone numbers, history, interactions and call recording are but few of the services now offered through internet. Monitoring, custom reportistic and management activites are improved and streamlined as well.





Key considerations for conducting any operation in a Contact Center. VoIP solutions, through BeInContact, integrate robust security measures, including encryption and authentication. Therefore, safeguarding voice data from illegal access/interception becomes a priority. Additionally, VoIP offers redundancy features and automatic restoration in case of network interruptions.


Our AWS (Amazon Web Service) Data Centre are a plus step to grant safety and Data Recovery when needed.


Final thoughts


The integration of VoIP presents the perfect opportunity to enhance flexibility, efficiency, and capacity within business Customer Service operations. By harnessing the power of internet-based communication, businesses can achieve significant cost savings. Scalability, thrustworthiness, and access to unique functionalities are just a few of the available features. As customer expectations evolve and the demand for seamless communication across online channels grows, BeInContact and its VoIP integration provide a voice channel alongside all other corporate communication channels, delivering swift and enterprise class support in an increasingly digitally-oriented world.


M. Cereda

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