Phone Number Portability

Change strategy by keeping your number



In addition to National/International geographical numbers, should you need to activate services requiring incoming calls not to be paid by customers, we can provide national and international Tool Free numbers. For the caller the call is completely free. No charges per time slot required. A required fee will apply to any fixed/mobile number call.


Here’s all the phone services BeCloud can provide:

  • National Toll free number (800)


  • Unique International Toll free number (ITFN International Toll Free Number)


  • International toll free number (UIFN Universal International Free Number)


You want to keep current your Tool-Free numbers but use BeInContact services? We can also provide black numbers. The latter, once attested, configures behing existing tool free numbers.



Our phone number portability service, from your current carrier to our BeInContact platform. Keep your current known numbers active and working. BeCloud’s phone service will just take care of your phone traffic rate provisioning.


The number migration process requires between 5 to 60 days. In the meantime, your business will have access to its numbers through the old carrier, always remaining active and working. Scheduling migration date and time will grant minimal to no disservice.


We can manage number portability directly with our carriers for black geographic numbers and 800 Tool Free national/international numbers too.


Call management, the call is charged to the recipient
Customized functionality in according to your needs
Keep your number with the Number Portability procedure

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