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A reliable and available service


All our Cloud Contact Center services for the European market are provided using the AWS (Amazon Web Service) platform in Frankfurt, the world’s leading infrastructure of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Services) and iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Services) in order to guarantee high availability and scalability to the Cloud Contact Center service. We have 3 Amazon AWS Availability Zones where BeInContact – Omni channel Cloud Contact Center production platforms have been deployed. For international markets, the Data Centers in Frankfurt, Sydney and San Francisco are available, with the aim of providing services in 360 ° “Follow the Sun Support” mode all over the world, geolocating telephony management as close as possible to location from which agents operate.


Il deployment of the solution was build to use 2 Data Center distinct, located about 100 km, in a Frankfort region, that offer:

  • High available to electric energy, connectivity and reliability
  • Continuity of service with an SLA of 99.985%
  • Platform data storage
  • Virtual server that allows to create, implement and distribute all the services of Contact Center requests on voice/data networks

With the AWS’s deployment our customers can benefit from all the services for garanteen, reliability, security and compatibility with european standards.


The Data Center where BeInContact platform delivers the services, is equipped with all the modern technologies, that allows the correct operation of all the server components in order to ensure the quality of the service in terms of sizing, networking and connectivity with available 24/24 for 365 day to the year. The Data Center is connected with the most important international internet communication to guarantee any kind of connection and it is connected to many National and international telephone carriers. The connectivity towards the public net is sized to support a high number of agents connected e in calls.  It is the customer’s responsibility to provide guaranteed bandwidth connectivity in the offices where the operators connect.


Unlimited scalability
3 levels of data protection
ISO 27001 standard - HIPAA - PCI DSS
FULL Cloud
Business Continuity and high availability
Open Architecture
Support for PMLS, VPN Leased Line connections
Disaster Recovery Option
Connectivity 24/24 FOR 365 days a year

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