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A system of Campaign Management is a software component conceived and designed to manage different types of Campaign: Marketing, Informative or Teleselling. Usually, the instrument of Campaign Management, makes available to dashboard and real-time metrics that gives to the team leaders an overview of the campaign’s performance, measuring the results and calculating ROI – return of investment.

Usually the system of Campaign Management is developed on top of existing software infrastructures. The integrated Campaign Management is able to provide all the typical functionality of campaign management on all the configurable channels (voice, email, SMS) together with the flexibility and ease of configuring flows, typical of a Full Cloud software.


Creating a record’s list into the Campaign Manager of BeInContact can send your telephone campaign, email, SMS and much more, to all the contacts using a single platform and user interface. You can remember appointments, to do market research, to lead detection or to do sales activity. The agent’s productivity results optimize: the telephone numbers don’t have to be manually compound and there’s no risk of time-wasting with unanswered calls or in answering machine / fax. The CPA (Call Process Analysis) of BeInContact offer integrated functionality of qualitative management of the campaign, design of  workflow and call to action for garanteen to your agents the maximum of the instruments to offer the best customer experience.


The predictive dialing system allows the call center to do outbound calls to telephone numbers efficiently and easily. Using the BeInContact ACD functionality, the system through editable algorithms, to do a forecast on conversation time and dialing of the contacts content into the list, in order to dial a call in advance from forward a an operator. The system, in this way, optimizes the agent’s time, maximizing the number of hourly contacts, by increasing the productivity and sales’ opportunity.

BeInContact offer a dialing method set to choose from:

  • Preview Method: The records are proposed to the specific agent of the campaign, they can do a review of the customer’s details before proceeding with the call.
  • Progressive Method: The system automatically calls the records into the list, waiting for the end of the call before proceeding to the next one.
  • Predictive Method: The system automatically calls the records into the list based on the algorithms and statistical analysis of the calls handled, unreachable and on the provisioning of when an operator is free to manage the calls before proceeding to next calls.
  • Automatic IVR: The system automatically calls  the record into the list based on the algorithms and statistical analysis of the calls handled and connects these calls to IVR virtual channels to provide the service through self-service automations without the use of a human operator.


Thanks to BeInContact’s CRM integration capabilities, the team leader will be able to profile lists of targets directly within the CRM, using the campaign’s functionality or to business. Through automatic connector or using API, these records’ list can be imported into BeInContact Campaign Manager for the outbound contact and Campaign Member content into the CRM database. Based on dialing method selected, BeInContact ACD automatically composes the telephone numbers to show to screen, through screen pop-up, facilitate the agents’ operativity  during the call, with the support of script, base knowledge and contact’s data saved into the CRM. Create your campaign into your CRM and add all records to contact automatically!


Predictive Dialing
Automatic Dialing
CRM integration
Native API for Lists management
Real-time dashboard
Agent seat map
Quality management and vocal order
Campaign Manager integrated

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