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Cloud: How does this work

BeInContact and the other contact management systems developed by BeCloud Solutions are used in SaaS (Software as a Service) model. With a service model in which companies take advantage of an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform technology available Full-Cloud. They can be used with a simple connection to the Internet and therefore also from home (Smart Working) by paying a periodic fee based on the functions you need. With SaaS, you decide the number of stations, features, and type of service. With this solution, everything is included in the price, without having to worry about updating the system, doing maintenance, or buying hardware. The Cloud, then, guarantees unlimited availability, scalability, flexibility, high performance that can make the difference in your Contact Center.

Both your Sales & Marketing and Customer Service activities thus obtain the advantages of timing and quality of interaction that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Pay-per-use: How does this work

This is how you can use the BeInContact (BeCloud Solutions’ 100% Cloud Omnichannel Contact Center solution) based on the real needs of your company and follow its business performance at any time. Based on a Full-Cloud platform, the Pay-per-use mode can be activated at any time (subject to the existence of a tenant already certified and functioning) and does not require any initial investment or installation. Thanks to this mode, you can increase the number of workstations at any time, saving on annual fees and managing with maximum flexibility any load peaks throughout the year.

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