API for Integration


The APIs, acronym of Application Programming Interface, are a set of procedures with which software applications are integrated, simplifying the possibility of dialogue and the exchange of data between different platforms.

Thanks to the API for integration, you can easily integrate applications that are part of an existing architecture, as well as share data with ticket and CRM systems for customer support.

The use of web services through API Customer Service is extremely valuable, as it allows you to accelerate the speed of development and contain integrative efforts, as well as simplifying the way information is exchanged between different applications within your company.


Through the Out of the box libraries of the Scenario Builder of BeInContact, it is possible to integrate the information derived from third-party applications, ensuring a constant exchange of data.

By using the application it is possible to create synchronous or asynchronous recognition flows with the operator, creating integration workflows that can be called at the end of each operator’s interaction with customers.

The flexibility of BeInContact libraries ensures fast implementation and reduction of integrative efforts, allowing you to create dynamic flows depending on the expected service levels.


Thanks to the use of Be360, Integration Platform As a Service, BeInContact is thus integrated with leaders such as SAP CRM and ERP, TIBCO but more generally with THIRD PARTY APPLICATION web based.

Companies increasingly need to integrate systems and data making them usable in a single reliable interface and that facilitates business processes.

With Be360°, you can benefit from an advanced software platform that provides you with everything you need to optimize processes, share data and base your strategies, allowing you to make faster and more conscious decisions.

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