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Social Messengers – Speed up the way you communicate


Instant messaging systems are online chats where content, images and documents are sent and exchanged between users, in real-time on internet.

Many users already make use of one, two or more social messengers directly from their smartphone and use them regularly to talk to their friends and family but also to interact with business realities for need of support or information.

That is why many companies are integrating Customer Service Chat Software, new methods of communication to be closer to customers and receive feedback, support requests or information on any contact channel, in order to take actions related to improving the customer experience.


Using APIs from online messaging systems, Customer Service Chat Software enables companies to manage instant messaging integrated into CRM or directly on Agent Desktop, speeding up the way we communicate and improving the management and sharing of information.

Thanks to BeinContact, you’ll have the ability to create accounts on the best messaging platforms, and you’ll be able to manage all digital channels, maximizing the agent experience and allowing cross channeling, always leaving the contact preference to your customers.


We support our customers in the design, implementation, configuration and development phases within their IT infrastructures. All the testing, use case and roll-out phases are always followed by a training, support and technological adoption phase dedicated to users.

Sharing information enables the exploration of new opportunities, technology allows them to be managed and modified quickly based on market needs.



Inbound messaging will be forwarded to the same BeInContact Desktop Agent used to manage other contact channels or directly to the BeInContact widget within the CRM.

The operator, once received the Inbound message, can reply directly from the BeInContact desktop agent thus simplifying its operation.

Adding social channels to your Customer Support will allow you to get a higher loyalty rate, which will convert into a more lasting relationship.


Automatic messages and flows by using Chat-Bot
Share and archive documents
Give assistance to your customers
Receive immediate feedback
Increase Lead Generation
Improve the Brand reputation

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