Customer Centricity & New Needs


Customer Centricity:

Customer Centricity:

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” 

~ Steve Jobs



Today’s landscape has brought an unprecedented array of channels at customers disposal, evolving Customer Service dramatically. With the advent of Omnichannel Contact Centres, various communication channels now integrate seamlessly. Customers can interact through phone calls, emails, live chat, social media, and more. This enables a more holistic and personalized approach to Customer Service.



Past, Present and Customer Service’s Future


Traditional call centres often struggled with fragmented communication – Voice, Fax and mail channels. Customers would need to repeat information across different operators to find solution to thier problems. Omnichannel Contact Centres streamline processes, providing agents with a comprehensive view of customers information. This allows for more efficient and effective issues resolution.


Contact Centres offer consumers the chance of asking for assistance throuch multiple communication channels interaction. The Customer Service revolution empowered customers, shifting the guiding hand from businesses squarely into their own hands. The latter can now choose the best communication channel to interact with best suiting their needs. Consciously or unconsciously customers action now determin Customer Service’s features and characteristics.



Customer’s always right, after all…


In today’s digital age, customers expect seamless and convenient experiences across all channels. Omnichannel Contact Centres help businesses meet these expectations by using a unified platform for delivering consistent and personalized support. This enhances the overall Customer Experience and sets businesses apart from competitors.


There are various solutions and decisions a business must make to meet customers expectations and reach success. Let’s take scalability, native characteristic met in adopting an Omnichannel software. Adding new channels or expanding existing one can be done in few, easy steps. But which one to keep in consideration? Adopting new tools and functionalities – think of AI Chatbots and sentiment analysis tools or Predictive systems – is also a possibility. Useful agents tools for faster, customised support. Yet choosing the right tool is certainly no easy task.



Customer Centricity:


One Omnichannel Contact Centre, endless possibilities


As you noticed from the increasing of digital channels comes unprecedented complexities. The approach to Customer Service, though enhanced, becomes also daunting at first sight.


The essential cornerstone of today’s successful Customer Service lies in having the right Contact Center equipped with integrated channels and tools. Customer Satisfaction hinges on it as much as the efficiency and responsiveness of agents and operators.


How to approach a massive reshape of the communication channels?

Is it possible to provide the best possible Customer Experience with little to no complications on customers’ side, as well as agents’?

How to meet customers expectations?


That’s where our 100% Cloud Omnichannel Contact Centre platform, BeInContact comes into place.


To assist companies towards the digital revolution, here are three examples of how Customer Care, as we know it, is changing. How BeInContact, with its solutions and features, can facilitate the transition for all businesses with minimal disruption to both customers and agents.



I – The advent of digital channels revolutionised customer interaction preferences.


Unlike the past – why don’t you take a peek? in addition of expecting instant information access, customers now engage with companies accross multiple channels. Information research, be it of specific products, services or just knowledge base, is done thorugh different channels in different times. Webchats and Social media platforms are also gaining prominence as communication channels. Engagement volume is increased, Customer Support requests as well. Losing interactions, and context, becomes a far closer possibility than ever before.


Our 100% Cloud Call Centre Software, BeInContact, enables simultaneous interaction with multiple clients across multiple communication channels. Voice, Chat, Email, SMS, Social Media, Chatbot, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp are just few of them. Channels are managed on one single web interface, showing all information agents need. This way, losing interactions, or context within them, is avoided.


Additionally, BeInContact seamlessly integrates with market leading CRM. Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, SAP, Vtiger, and ServiceNow, among others. CRM customs can be integrated as well through API.

The integration allows agents to access customers information paving the way to improved work performances.



Customer Centricity


II – Exceptional Customer Care hinges greatly on digital proficiency and speed.


Unfortunately, numerous companies possess inadequate digital capabilities at the beginning of their journey through innovation. Premature attempts by organizations to shift customers towards multiple channels before they’re fully prepared often results in a lacking Customer Experience. But innovation, an eye to the future and time saving technologies is what customers demand today.


Thanks to BeInContact solution, its features and characteristics, businesses are provided with all the latest technologies and innovations to bring the best Customer Experience in no time. From the well renown IVR and ACD’s help in call redistribution to the newest AI integrations. Monitoring and Reports tools are also available and customisable to business needs. BeCloud also offers national and international numbers to cover all Inbound/Outbound calls. Number Portability, to keep your own business numbers and save time, is possible as well.


Overall business process renovation is done in limited time and with little to no inconvenience for agents and customers as well.





III – Despite the rise of digital self-service options, customers preference still shifts towards live agents interactions.


According to British Telecommunications Survey, 52% of customers seeking urgent assistance do prefer live agent interactions. Even routine tasks prompt 24% of customers to prefer live support. Companies that prioritize minimizing live agent interactions often find themselves facing lower Customer Satisfaction rates, without necessarily reducing overall Customer Care expenses.


BeInContact’s native and on demand features are built to be Agents support, not to replace them. Agents will be able to manage interactions on different communication channels through one single web interface – the Agent Desktop. The latter allows agents to access customers information, stored in the business CRM. Processes automation and streamlining allows operators time and resources to better provide improved Customer Care and Support. Customer Satisfaction greatly improves. Agents role has never been more central. 


Being 100% Cloud, BeInContact has no need of physical installations. Agents and operators can swiftly access the software wherever they need, whenever they need provided an internet connection.





All-In Solution


The journey of Customer Service in the digital era has been reshaped by Omnichannel Contact Centres, bringing Customers firmly at the heart of experience decisions. Offering a seamless and tailored support journey across a multitude of channels and ensuring customers needs are met consistently and effectively is no easy fit.


Empowered by BeInContact, its features and CRM integration, businesses can now better understand and anticipate customer expectations driving satisfaction, and loyalty as well.


Only by prioritizing Customer Experience and leveraging digital capabilities, companies can establish themselves as leaders in delivering exceptional Customer Service, resonating with clients on a deeper level.


M. Cereda

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