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The Inbound Call Center Software is often the central point of contact for any company that offers inbound services and manages only the interactions initiated by a customer. Inbound call center agents often communicate with customers through many communication channels, including voice, email, SMS, messaging, and chat.


To get the most out of your inbound call center software, choose the most advanced omni channel call center product on the market.



With the changing and growing demands of the market, more and more companies need a communication platform capable of responding more quickly and efficiently to the after-sales needs of their customers.


For this reason, BeInContact offers the possibility, on a single and intuitive web interface, to manage customer contact on any channel, both voice and digital. By activating the service, you will be able to benefit from a complete platform, and activate “on demand” all the functions that, from time to time, are necessary to provide current and future services.



Do you want to adopt new technologies and support new channels while reducing costs? A close collaboration between artificial intelligence and humans is necessary to keep pace with sensitive customer situations and to optimize business performance, providing momentum towards the future.


BeInContact integrates innovative A.I. Call Center and operator escalation rules, bringing natural and conversational language to become an essential component for a successful experience. Interacting with an intelligent system becomes more and more similar to interacting with a human operator.

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