Phone traffic & SMS

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The volume of the phone traffic inbound and outbound can reach significant levels in companies. It is therefore essential that this volume can be measurable and monitored over time, both for those companies where telephone interaction is their core activity (call center, service center, customer care) and for any other company. To know the traffic trend you can access the service with your credentials from any device with internet connection.


  • Collect all phone calls made or received for a particular customer and see how many are and how long they have engaged the lines.
  • Calculate waiting times and missed calls so you can better manage call peaks. See the distribution of incoming/outgoing calls based on inside.
  • Download monthly reports that allow you to demonstrate the actual telephone “commitment” for each operator so that you can better distribute the load of calls.
  • Verify the telephone details of the telephone companies by comparing them with the archive of calls recorded by the UCC system.


Request a digital number to send promotional and informative SMS messages to your customers.You will be able, through Agent Desktop, to write, program and send at the most appropriate times SMS to a list of customers in manual mode, or automatic means targeted campaigns, such as for telemarketing or sending notification.

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