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With more than 20 years of experience Service Credit, and its specialists team, support banks, financial societies (Consumer credit, leasing, factoring, CQS) such as utilities, commercial societies, as well as public administration societies in customer management and their credits protection.


Branched and active on all italian territory, Service Credit operates exclusively through its Milan, Cosenza, Rome, and Reggio Calabria headquarters. Service Credit grants a flexible, innovative and “Customer Oriented” approach in customer relationships management as well as credit protection, management, and collection.



Thanks to BeInContact, and its Outbound campaigns, Service Credit managed to actively reach its customers while managing credit collection as well.

With the help of the Predictive Dialing system and report results, the business can visualise and reduce time between calls. Working efficiency and operators productivity is improved as well.



To grant a flexible, innovative approach in customer relationship management and credit collection, Service Credit understood it was time to gradually move away from traditional phone centricity in favor of a technological revolution, choosing the high-performance flexible solution BeCloud has to offer: BeInContact.

BeCloud supported Service Credit business through 120 new black numbers with 02 prefix (Milan) and 06 (Rome) to improve their agents productivity in incoming and outgoing calls.

Thanks to a SIP integration with the customer infrastructure incoming calls are, with no additional costs, directly forwarded to our 100% Cloud solution.


Outbound Campaigns:

Outbound campaigns management is done through Campaign Manager Predictive Dialer, also thanks to BeInContact lists management, to proactively reach customers with a specialist team supporting banks, financial societies, Utilities and Commercial societies.


Predictive Dialer:

Contact lists are profiled and imported within BeInContact’s Campaign Manager: the dialing system, using Predictive Mode, automatically dials record numbers and proceeds with the calls. During the latter, operators will find all the customer information they are reaching out, archived in the business CRM: Geco, onto their screen.


Report System:

Adding call recording functionalities allows the platform to save and rename files on the Service Credit SFTP server. Thanks to periodic export Supervisors will always have at their disposal customised daily/weekly reports to understand campaigns activities and operators work.



Grant customers excellent, constant, and personalised experience is the core of every Service Credit operation. Implementing BeInContact allowed even more optimal results in telephony, report, and vocal recording topics, now easy to manage and less complex. Thanks to BeCloud’s collaboration, different teams collaboration is improved, granting a wider understanding of customers requests, and improving agents performance as well.


“We are going through an important technological transformation, of which BeCloud is a fundamental element, to improve the way we work every single day. Our services are 75% more efficient in call management than before, offering customers a more detailed and customised experience, to satisfy every customer’s needs.”

IT Manager

In short

Business: Service Credit S.p.A. 

Sector: Financial services

Location: Italy


Improve timings and automate phone campaigns results to manage and collect debts.


Outbound Campaigns

Predictive Dialer

Call recording

National numbers supply


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