MPLS & VPN Corporate Network

Provide secure access from your locations


With BeConnect, not only the services related to telephony are offered, but also any specific connectivity services between the Data Centers, where the services of BeInContact and the locations or locations of customers are provided.

We provide both VPN Corporate Network and MPLS network connectivity services that enable businesses to connect faster and cheaper.

Multi-seat companies that need to connect multiple locations to each other and allow data exchange can choose from 2 possible solutions. Find out all of them!


MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching is a technology that allows you to connect two or more locations through a dedicated line.

This architecture involves the construction of private networks that exploit the IP protocol but whose individual addresses are not visible from the outside.

The locations connected to an MPLS network are not connected to the Internet but arrive through dedicated connections with the customer locations.

Through our partnership with important network providers who have access to our data centers, we can offer different types of dedicated connectivity.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, is a telecommunications network that, using particular devices or vpn software and an internet connection, offers, as in our case, the possibility for Contact Center operators to connect to our BeInContact services in a secure mode.

The connection takes place through a virtual tunnel that communicates between the operating locations and our Data Center in encrypted mode.


Extends geographical connectivity
Improve security and data exchange
Dedicated lines

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