MPLS & VPN Corporate Network

Provide secure access from your locations



BeConnect is not limited to phone services, but specific Data Center connectivity to all using BeInContact services, seats as well. We offer VPN Corporate Network services as well as MPLS to allow business connections while reducing timings and costs.


Theese are the two solutions for every business who wants to connect different locations together, as well make as data sharing.




VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a telecomunication network. Using particular devices/VPNs, provided an internet connection, they connect Cloud Contact Center with BeInContact services. You’ll reach our Cloud Contact Center services in privacy mode.




MPLS (Multiprotocol Lable Switching) is a technology used to link 2 or more business locations on one dedicated line. The architecture is a series of private lines under IP protocol. Its uses are private and unreachable from outside sources.


Locations linked through an MPLS line do not work through internet connection. Dedicated connections with customers locations are created and used. Through important Network Providers partnerships, accessing our Data Centers, we can provide dedicated different connectivities.



Extends geographical connectivity
Improve security and data exchange
Dedicated lines

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