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Support your AI in Customer Care


Would you like to adopt new technologies and new channels reducing costs? A close operation between artificial intelligence and human capital is of the upmost importance to keep up with sensitive customer situations and optimize business performances, offering a momentus upward to the future.

BeInContact integrates an innovative system of Customer Care AI and Operator escalation rules. The natural and conversational language  becomes an essential component for a successful experience.

Interactions with an intelligent system and with a human operator becomes almost indistinguishable.


Thanks to BeInContact and artificial intelligence, it is possible to standardize services delivery. Optimize and facilitate activities for Customer Care AI is possible as well.

BeInContact integration allows, when a bot exhausts its knowledge, to keep the conversation going with a real person.

Customers can, independently, ask to talk to a human. If they don’t it will be the bot’s prerogative to decide whether to do so or not. The latter is a seamless and transparent escalation to the eyes of the client.


Easily and rapidly create Chat/ Voice Bot systems.

Through use of AI BeInContact will enhance Customer Experience, reducing waiting times and upgrading SLA as well as performances.

On contact channels where bots are not trained to answer, agents can be posted. This way time and money is well preserved and, while chat bot and Virtual Assistant can easily colliquate with customers giving information where needed, human capital is always taken in consideration.


Thanks to BeInContact Artificial/Business  Intelligence systems your AI Contact Center’s interactions as well as performances and KPI can be deeply analyzed.

Artificial intelligence can also help you in live chat sentiment monitoring and extract metadata as well as Business intelligence system recordings. A detailed analysis of all the services your customers are fond of.


Improves customer service
Reduces manual labor
Develops faster processes
Promotes business growth
Optimize business performances
Natural, conversational language

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