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Il miglioramento della Customer Experience passa dal Cloud

Scarica la guida e scopri come migliorare la tua Customer Satisfation con il Cloud-based Omnichannel.

Fai crescere la tua Customer Satisfation grazie al Cloud Omnicanale

Scarica l’articolo e scopri come costruire il servizio omnicanale più adatto per i tuoi clienti.

Linee guida per una transizione graduale e sicura verso il Cloud

Scarica la guida e pianifica un passaggio graduale ad un Cloud Contact Center partendo dai princiali punti chiave.

Prysmian Group – Success Stories

Discover the international success story of Prysmian Group. Find out how, thanks to the BeInContact solution (100% Cloud of the omnichannel Contact Center) of BeCloud Solutions, Prysmian Group has quickly managed to improve the Customer Experience of its customers, to optimize the processes and costs of business management and more…

BeNext – AI & Chatbot

Find out more about BeNext, it is our AI integrated platform that is natively integrated with BeInContact (our Cloud Contact Center Solution) but it could be also stand alone. It is built on a proprietary algorithm, which can learn new concepts and automatically improve through its extended use.

BeCloud Solutions Overview – ITA

Find out more about our Services and Solutions: 100% Cloud Contact Center Omnichannel, CTI integration with principal CRMs, Telephony number e traffic in 109+ countries, A.I. and more

BeCommunication – marketing, branding, social media…

Discover our services for your marketing strategies, market analysis, creative concepts, logos, corporate identity, packaging, social media management, web adv campaing and more…

100% Cloud Contact Center Omnichannel

Our omnichannel 100% Cloud Contact Center solution allows you to interact with your costumers on different channels, using a unique interface: you’ll reduce complexity and costs increasing efficiency and profits.

CRM All Integrations

Thanks to API we can easily integrate our Cloud Contact Center (BeInContact) with any Cloud and On-Premise application. Discover our BeCloud CTI full Cloud solution, CRM pre-integrated

BeCloud Solutions Overview - ENG

Find out more about our services and solutions: Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center, iPaaS (integration platform as a service), Telephony & Voice Connectivity, BPO and support services.

CTI Integration - Salesforce

The CTI integration with Salesforce enables intelligent contact routing so that contact and customer information are delivered on a single, unified screen on the agent’s desktop – Salesforce.

CTI Integration - Oracle Service Cloud

The CTI integration with Oracle Service Cloud enables intelligent contact routing so the contact and customer information are delivered on a single, unified screen on the agent’s desktop – Oracle Service Cloud.

Telephony & Voice Connectivity - BeConnect

BeConnect is a worldwide voice and data network service integrated with BeinContact (our cloud-based Contact center solution), it provides the best low cost traffic rate for call collection, routing & delivery. Find out features and services!