SIP Trunk & IP-PBX integration

Keep your current telephone infrastructure and connect phone numbers




Find out our innovative Cloud Contact Center, capable of sending voice calls directly through internet. Traditional phone lines will make way to endless advantages and quick cost reduction. Easily connect national/international phone numbers.


Our Contact Center, in its phone management activities, follows SIP protocol. Through SIP Trunking configurations, it is possible to interface with carriers, VoIP Gateway and Session Border Controller. IP Call Centers and other SIP devices, provided the same SIP protocol, are interfacable as well.


All our platform components, managing voice communications and interacting through SIP Trunking configurations, are complitely redundant. Should a server not able to communicate, calls will be available on different servers thanks to a phone calls balance system.




Would you like to keep using your own phone system as Switchboard, VoIP Gateway, Border Controller or VoIP devices?

BeCloud can create a direct SIP trunk within your business infrastructure.

Thanks to the integration, incoming switchboard calls are forwarded via IP (no traffic cost applayed) directly to our solution. They will, then, be managed by our IVR and ACD systems. Outbound calls, on the other hand, can end on the PSTN network using business lines.

All our SIP servers are implemented through AWS (Amazon Web Service) Data Centers in Frankfurt, San Francisco and sydney. A Server is Singapore will soon be available.








  • Calls waiting times reduction


  • Customer satisfaction improvement


  • Inbound calls cost elimination




Our systems are always up to date with new features and functionalities:


  • Internal group simultaneous calls receiving


  • Automatic call divertion on dedicated group members


  • Full outgoing calls restriction and customisation


No physical infrastructure, all via IP
Cost reduction, you don’t pay calls between locations
Switchgear compatibility that using SIP protocol

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