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WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. It boasts over 2 billion users and records over 100 billion messages sent everyday.

It will allow you to have better communication with your customers, wherever they are. Quickly answer their questions and assist them throughout their journey.

BeCloud is WhatsApp Business Service Provider. 



The integration between WhatsApp Business and traditional communication channels offers numerous advantages for a more efficient, quick responce.


  • WhatsApp allows instant real-time communication between customers and operators. Waiting times are reduced and overall CX improved.


  • Operators will be able to manage more conversations simultaneously, allowing efficiency and more requests handling.


  • Automatic responces for basic FAQs can be implemented as well.  The process frees operators of frequent, repetitive tasks and concentrate on more complex, delicate matters. 



Explore conversational templates to understand which one fits your business better:


Marketing: Promotional, informative updates and customer call to action invite. All the Business interactions and messaging outside Utility and Authentication are Marketing conversations.


Utility: Assisting Customers in requests and transactions, updating on ongoing ones as well. Sending notifications, making post-selling activities or balance check is possible as well.


Authentication: authenticate customer accounts through a multiple phase login and one-time codes/passwords as well. Verification and Account Recovery can be done through Authentication messages as well.


Service: all conversations beginning from user interaction. Usually requests. Businesses can answer these messages within a 24h window.


Businesses who trust us

Implementation for all your needs


Find out all the ways you can take advantage of each conversation  category. Through AI Chatbot, grant answers 24/7 for a better, improved CX. Your Customer Loyalty will reach new heights.


Promote your products and service through an automated, multi-message WhatsApp system. Enhance contact segmentation with tags and dynamic campaigns for improved targeting. Integrate WhatsApp into your communication strategies to reach customers on their preferred channel.


Enhance your conversation rate by sending mass messages to your contacts using templates. Schedule your message, utilize chatbots, and automated response system to turn your contacts into customers.


Create and organise reminders for your customers. Use WhatsApp to confirm and manage bookings, send documents, and deliver important messages. The AI Chatbot system handles communications 24/7, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Easily create and manage message flows with an intuitive interface. Schedule automations and integrate marketing software, e-commerce platform, CRM and management system for a streamlined and optimised experience.


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Automatic messages and flows thanks to Chatbots
Provide customer assistance
Receive immediate feedback
Reduce phone traffic costs
Real time performance analysis
Build customisable message template
Archive conversations and retrieve customer data
Share multimedia files
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