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Be360° is a Cloud Integration Platform – iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that allows you to integrate different applications (Cloud, On-premise, Legacy) without the need to add architectural complexities such as software, appliances or to write custom codes: Be360 ° decouples the integrations between applications avoiding writing “point-to-point” codes, allowing to speed up implementation times by reducing complexity and development costs, also protecting the investments made.


With Be360 ° you do not need to rebuild integrations every time you change a software release, or you choose to add components to the application infrastructure. Be360° integration Platform Cloud, is implemented directly in AWS Amazon Web Services, and natively built and integrated with BeInContact Customer Enagagement platform, thus ensuring continuity of provisioning in an all-in-one solution.


Be360°, the latest generation integration platform (iPaaS), using modern, easy and fast features and programming languages, allows integration between all applications on the market, Cloud or on-premise. The use of standard network languages and protocols allows direct connection of public cloud services with traditional private and on-premise cloud applications, increasing the efficiency of business services.



Unlike most Software as a Service providers that send files between applications asynchronously, Be360° allows the sharing of information in real time and reporting between cloud solutions, hybrid and on-premise systems: for this, it is possible integrate any SaaS application with public or private applications. Thanks to Be360° it is possible to integrate not only SaaS / on-premise applications, but also existing telephone management systems, such as Cloud PBX, physical or virtual switchboards, and TELCO telephone infrastructures / channels.


BeInContact is natively integrated with Be360 ° in order to offer an unprecedented user experience and information sharing.

The libraries within the BeInContact “Scenario Builder Designer” allow the design and execution of functions related to the real-time or asynchronous exchange of data between the Contact Center platform and the third-party applications to which BeInContact is integrated , during the interaction phase. BeInContact Customer Engagement Platform, through the Builder scenario, is thus integrated with the main market CRMs.

This integration method not only allows easy and quick identification of the caller before the interaction is routed, but it can also allow you to retrieve the operator information to which the interaction is forwarded.

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Cloud Integration Platform – iPaaS

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