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The healthcare sector revolves around patient care, staff efficiency and data security.

Pharmaceuticals are becoming increasingly innovative and digital, both online and offline, in order to provide the best patient care for the patient’s well-being, while managing to create the right mix between tradition and change.

The development of the healthcare sector has increased rapidly in recent years and the main objective is to put the patient at the centre of attention, meeting his or her needs in the best possible way. Listen to your patients on any channel by connecting to BeInContact – patient management system software.


Thanks to BeInContact’s functionalities, healthcare staff, doctors, nurses, pharmacists will be able to provide regular patient care, using a hospital patient management software and find all patient information on the screen by being able to interact on different contact channels such as voice, email and SMS, optimising the daily management of processes.

If this is not necessary to provide optimal patient care, the telehealth function can be used. The telehealth moment represents a completion of the care pathway and through the emotions and stories of the family members, the therapist is able to analyse with the patient any problems related to symptoms and therapy.

To complete the service, BeCloud also provides an automatic SMS service to remind the patient of a visit to the doctor or appointments with their therapist.


Protect sensitive information about your patients’ health with fully HIPAA compliant software.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law passed in the United States in 1996 that defines requirements for the appropriate use and safeguarding of identifiable and electronically transmitted health data (known as “protected health data”).

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Extremely flexible, it meets the needs of companies of any size and sector, guaranteeing business continuity of 99.99% and respecting the required regulatory standards. Our BeInContact solution consists of various pre-integrated services that can be activated individually, depending on your business needs and the progress of your business. BeInContact integrates perfectly and natively with the main market-leading CRMs: Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, ServiceNow, ect

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