100% Cloud Call Center Software



Our Call Center Software, a Customer Engagement solution, allows simultaneous interaction with all clients on different configurable contact channels. Agents will be able to manage interactions through one single web interface.

All customer info needed for a better Customer Experience and daily operations management optimization will be on display.


Track your Customer Journey by quickly switch from one communication channel to the other and adopting the latest technologies. Contact statistics will always be by your side.


Provide your agents with a telemarketing platform and keep yourself up to date and in contact with your customers. Phone, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Mail, Chat ad Socials are but few of the channels you can use.



BeInContact is a Contact Center Software. No on-site physical installation is needed for it to properly work. It can also provides businesses multiple advantages.


  • One single web interface, integrated with any CRM



  • Agents daily operation management optimization. Operators will find all the caller’s information and analytics during the moment the interaction starts.


  • A customisable client experience.



Both the infrastructure and phone lines are Full Cloud. The only system external component is the operator seats. The latter are simply pcs with internet connection. No defined physical location is needed to work.


Each user can reach/be reached by our Cloud Call Center Software through any communication channel. The system is able to redirect interactions to any operator no matter the location it works from.

Be it on business site or on remote office, an outsourcer or a smart worker, no installation is needed to reach them.



BeInContact is extremely flexible, helping a wide range of businesses and their needs, no matter their size. It also grants a 99.9% business continuity as well as standard and regulations respect.


The platform offers pre-integrated services which can be activated one by one, depending on business needs and market necessities.


Our teleselling software will natively integrate with the most renown CRM on the market. Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Microsoft dynamics, Zendesk, SAP, Vtiger and ServiceNow are but few of them.

Through integration our software will grant an impeccable customer experience, simplifying clients management.

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Omnichannel Cloud Call Center 

Optimize workforce and business communications, all in one application

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Artificial Intelligence

Support your call center with the latest technologies.

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Improve your Customer Experience and optimize Customer Service processes

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Help your customers contact the most suitable operator to solve their problems

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Outbound Calls & Predictive Dialer

Lower waiting and dialing times between calls, reducing costs and optimizing your agents work

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Recording & High Reliability

Monitor the performance of your services in real-time

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Contact Management & Ticketing

Optimize your work with the Contact Management

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CRM in Cloud

Add new features to meet the needs of your call center by integrating CRM platforms

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Data Center & Disaster recovery

An emergency-proof strategy

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Analysis & Report

Collect and analyze data from all interactions to build your strategies

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