100% Cloud Software Call Center


We developed 100% Cloud Customer Engagement solutions to enable simultaneous interaction with all your customers on every contact channel.

Using a single web interface, agents will be able to handle all interactions and have available all customer information on a single web page, providing a swift experience and improving Customer Experience and daily operations in handling processes.

You will be able to keep track of your customer’s journey, switching from one contact channel to another, so that you will always have all the information and statistics of your customers.

Provide your customers with a multichannel contact center platform and stay up to date with them through Voice, E-mail, Chat, Social messaging, WhatsApp for Business, Microsoft Teams, and more.


BeInContact is an enterprise platform of Software Call Center 100% Cloud that does not require the installation of equipment or software at the customer’s premises.

Our solution includes intelligent functions:IVR, ACD Omnichannel (Voice, WhatsApp for Business, Email, Voice Mail, Chat, Fax, SMS, Social, etc.), ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (Text To Speech) system, Recording, Campaign Manager with list management and Predictive/Preview Dialing with numerous CTI/CCI functions for integration into third-party applications such as CRM, ERP, Databases and much more.


Thanks to the fact that both the infrastructure and the telephone lines are in Full Cloud mode, the only component external to the system is the operator’s station which consists of a PC connected to the Internet and independent from a physical location.

Each customer/user can reach, or be reached by the Call Center software using any communication channel: the system can forward the interactions to any operator located in corporate offices, remote offices, outsourcers, or home workers, without the need to install any components.


Extremely flexible, it meets the needs of companies of any size and sector, ensuring business continuity of 99.99% and respecting the regulatory standards. It’s made up of various pre-integrated services that can be activated individually, depending on your business needs and performance.

BeInContact integrates seamlessly and natively with leading market-leading CRM (Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, ServiceNow, etc.) providing an excellent user experience and simplifying the management of your customers.

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Omnichannel Cloud Call Center 

Optimize your workforce and business communications, all in one application

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence to support your call center

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Improve your Customer Experience and optimize Customer Service processes

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Help your customers contact the most suitable operator to solve their problems

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Outbound Calls & Predictive Dialer

Lower waiting and dialing times between calls, reducing costs and optimizing the work of your agents

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Recording & High Reliability

Monitor the performance of your services in real-time

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Contact Management & Ticketing

Optimize your work with the Contact Management

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CRM in Cloud

Add new features to meet the needs of your call center by integrating CRM platforms

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Data Center & Disaster recovery

An emergency-proof strategy

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Analysis & Report

Collect and analyze data from all interactions to build your strategies

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