Omnichannel Center

A single application to optimise Customer Experience



Thanks to an omnichannel center, you will be able to interact with your customers simultaneously. Across different channels, through a single web interface, you’ll provide a full and immediate support experience.


Report every interaction across all channels. Voice, email, webchat, video chat, social networks, and WhatsApp for business and Microsoft Teams are all linked together. Keep track of operations and provide your customers a timely and focused Customer Care experience.



Make the best out of your Cloud Call Center workforce using an omnichannel approach. Enrich and improve user experience with new functionalities.


A 100% cloud structure working through digital channels, aiming to delete Use and Adoption Barriers and reducing the distance between customers and the solution to their issues.


Integrated reporting functionalities to make your call center cloud service strategy a winning one!



Pre and Post sales needs grew and evolved alongside the market. An increasing number of companies felt the need of a communication platform capable to answer those needs quickly and efficiently.


BeInContact, in a single easy-to-use web interface, enables the handling of interaction on every channel, be it voice or digital one. With the activation the service, a complete platform will be at your disposal, granting access to any “On-demand” functionalities you’ll need to accommodate your business needs.


Some features BeInContact offers for your business:

• Customer Care

• Telemarketing/Sales campaigns

Choose the one best suiting  your business!



BeInContact is an Omnichannel Multi-Tenant platform. Multiple contact channels can be configured and interactions, across every channel, is handled through a single Agent Desktop interface, maximizing agents operativity and experience.


Through the use of BeInContact Agent Desktop operators will be able to handle interactions originating from different services. The telephone bar allows agents to handle calls and simultaneously integrate any other channels and data using the latest innovations and technologies.


Omnichannel ACD
Multichannel recording
iFrame integration
Multilingual support
Call and Videocall through WebRTC technology
Mobile App
SDK per widget integration
Routing based on Team, Group, Skills, Skill Levels or individual association.


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