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A call center predictive dialer allowing efficient and easily outbound telemarketing services to telephone numbers.

Using BeInContact ACD functionality, the outbound predictive dialer system, through editable algorithms, elaborates a forecast on conversation time. It then records the contact’s infos into the list, forwarding the call to an operator suitable to tend their needs.

This way the predictive dialer software optimizes the agent’s time. It maximizes the number of hourly contacts, and increasing productivity/sales opportunities.

With BeInContact choose between 4 different methods.


  • Preview:

The records are proposed to the specific agent of the campaign. They will then review the customer’s details before proceeding with the call.

  • Progressive:

The system automatically calls the records into the list, waiting for the end of the call before proceeding to the next one.

  • Predictive:

The system automatically calls the records into the list based on the algorithms and statistical analysis. Handled and unreachable calls are taken in consideration as well as operators freedom to manage the next call.

  • Automatic IVR:

The system automatically calls the record into the list based on the algorithms and statistical analysis of the calls handled. It connects them to IVR virtual channels, providing Customer Care through self-service automation without the use of a human operator.


A system for Campaign Management is a software component conceived and designed to manage different types of Campaigns. You can choose between Marketing, Informative, or Teleselling.

Usually, the instrument of Campaign Management, makes available to the dashboard real-time metrics, giving the team leaders an overview of the campaign’s performance. It also measures results and calculates ROI – the return on investment.

Usually, the system of Campaign Management is developed on top of existing software infrastructures. The integrated Campaign Management provides its revolutionary functionalities on all the configurable channels (Voice, mail, sms).

Configuring flows, typical in a Full Cloud software, with ease and flexibility is also one of its features.


With a single user interface create a record list in BeInContact Campaign Manager. Use the platform to send campaigns on phone, email or SMS with just one click. Schedule appointments, market research, lead detection or future sales activities.

Optimize agents productivity! The system automatically dial numbers to avoid wasting time, and helps you stay clear from unanswered calls or fax.

BeInContact’s CPA (Call Process Analysis) offers integrated functionalities for qualitative campaign management. Design workflows and call to actions to grant agents the latest instruments needed for the proper Customer Experience.


Thanks to BeInContact’s CRM integrations team leaders can create target lists directly within CRM or be imported through API/automatic connectors. Using the CRM database lists for outbound activities and Campaigns has never been easier.

Based on the dialing method selected, BeInContact ACD automatically composes the telephone numbers to show to screen. Through screen pop-up facilitate the agents operativity during the call with script support, base knowledge, and contact data saved into the CRM.

Automatically create your campaign and add all records to contacts.


Call Center Predictive Dialer
Automatic Dialing
CRM integration
Native API lists management
Real time dashboard
Agent seat map
Quality management and vocal order
Integrated Campaign Manager

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