Historical Reports and real-time Analysis

Manage Inbound Calls, improve performances!



Businesses use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to make decisions and improve Contact Center services as well as Customer Experience. Real time Inbound Calls management and KPI metrics can be measured to show business efficiency and reach business goals.

BeInContact provides various dashboards to show real time data. Supervisors will have a broader vison on:


  • Agents status


  • Call answering timing


  • Services delivery


Thanks to the metrics it is possible to have a broader vison on agents Inbound Calls management as well.



BeInContact can also provide “Out of the Box” reports to answer all major business needs. Through dashboards, extracting service metrics and analyzing performances, future strategies can be made as well. Reports are available through one single web interface.

Post production the latter can be extracted in .csv, .txt, .pdf or excel format. Automatic sending and mail schedule, as well as FTP/SFTP Transfer is possible as well. The layout is customizable and data can be reunited to suite every need.

Thanks to Custom Reporting it’ll be possible reflect every business data no matter the market.



Thanks to BeIncontact native features and flexibility with third party integration it becomes possible to transfer managed interactions data directly into CRM. All information regarding customers and support requests will be at your disposal on one single data base.

Parameters such as interactions, types, channel, waiting times and IVR choices will pass on CRM as well. Supervisors and Team Leaders will have access to BeInContact’s integrated CRM enterprise features and capabilities.

They’ll be able to request service metrics directly from the CRM dashboard and give qualitative value to historically quantitative-only data.



Thanks to Real Time instruments, BeInContact can execute managed/ongoing interactions proactive monitoring. Optimizing Inbound Calls management and giving Staff Training adequate instruments has never been easier.

Clients interactions are quickly evolving and being even more rapid. Service check ups must be thorough and require new approaches/methodologies to measure performances. That’s why BeInContact provides all instruments to monitor KPI/SLA on all configurable channels.

With our platform you’ll be able to analyze operators data, monitor queues, schedule report delivery and customise parameters.



Thanks to Agent Desktop’s Wallboard Builder it’s possible to visualize, in graphic or dynamic mode, peculiar supervisors metrics. Contact Center supervision, thanks to applicatives, checks queues, services and operators through to Wallboard’s panels, dashboards and widgets.

Detailed service metrics can become widgets able to create alarms, graphics and much more. Wallboard display, within Contact Center departments, allows agents to monitor offered services SLA. The’ll be able, this way, to plan activities and breaks.


Historical and real-time statistics
Report delivery schedule via email / FTP
Audio / screen recording and call transcription
Integrated CRM reporting
Real-time management of teams and agents
Custom reporting in Drag & Drop
Export of reports in .csv, .xlsx, .pdf, .xml and native API formats
Integrated omnichannel report management
Individual Scoring and Quality Monitoring
Remote management of training classes
Team leaders dedicated to users, teams and services
Integrations to A.I. systems and B.I. for qualitative analysis

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