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Contact Center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used by companies of all sizes to make the best business decisions to improve contact center services and enhance the customer experience. Also called real-time metrics, KPIs are measurable values that show how efficient your company is in achieving its goals.

BeInContact has various dashboards and wallboards in real-time, giving supervisors a broad view of the status of agents, call response times and how services are delivered. Thanks to the measurement of these metrics, it is possible to obtain a quick overview of the performance of the agents in terms of managing the interaction within the pre-established SLAs.


BeInContact has numerous “Out of the box” reports that respond to the needs of companies of any size to extract service metrics on which to analyze performance and base future strategy. Reports can be consulted through a simple Web interface, exported in CSV, txt, pdf, or excel formats for post-production analysis, but can also be delivered automatically with scheduled sending by email or FTP / SFTP Transfer.

BeInContact also allows you to configure and customize the layout, data aggregation, and content of the reports already available, to meet all the specific needs of each business and sector through Custom Reporting.


Thanks to the native features and flexibility of BeInContact in integration with third-party systems, it is possible to transmit all the data relating to the interactions managed directly within your CRM, to have all the information regarding customer contacts available and related requests for assistance in a single database.

Therefore, at the end of each interaction on each configured contact channel, BeInContact can pass the parameters of the interaction directly within CRM objects, such as duration of the interaction, type, channel, results, times queue, and waiting, IVR choices and much more: thus exploiting the enterprise capabilities of the CRMs to which BeInContact is natively integrated, it will be possible for supervisors and team leaders to find service metrics directly from the CRM dashboards, giving qualitative value to a historically quantitative data series.


With BeInContact’s Real-Time monitoring tools it is possible to carry out proactive monitoring of managed and ongoing interactions, optimize management, provide the right support tools, and plan staff training to achieve better and better results. Since the interaction with your customers, today is faster and in continuous transformation, the quality control of call centers in the provision of services always requires new approaches and methodologies for measuring performance.

For this reason, BeInContact provides various tools for monitoring your omnichannel Contact Center, capable of measuring KPIs and SLAs on all configurable contact channels. In the era of Digital Customer Care, we provide you with a powerful monitoring service for all the features offered: you will be able to analyze operator data, monitor queues, scheduled report delivery, customize parameters, and much more.


Thanks to the BeInContact Wallboard Builder application, it is possible to view, in a graphic and dynamic form, the peculiar metrics of the supervisors, accessible through Agent Desktop. The supervision of the contact center uses applications that can monitor queues, services, and operators thanks to panels, dashboards, and widgets available within the Wallboard interface.

The service metrics are the same as those displayed in detail by the supervisors but here they take on the graphic appearance of widgets, with the possibility of creating alarms, gauges, graphs, and much more. The Wallboard display within the Contact center departments, therefore, allows not only the area manager but also and above all the agents, to always have under control the service SLAs offered, also allowing the planning of activities or breaks.


Historical and real-time statistics
Report delivery schedule via email / FTP
Audio / screen recording and call transcription
Integrated CRM reporting
Real-time management of teams and agents
Custom reporting in Drag & Drop
Export of reports in .csv, .xlsx, .pdf, .xml and native API formats
Integrated omnichannel report management
Individual Scoring and Quality Monitoring
Remote management of training classes
Team leaders dedicated to users, teams and services
Integrations to A.I. systems and B.I. for qualitative analysis

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