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Choose BeTracker, a system of Contact Management software to manage the customer’s relationships and optimize your business process. The system has forms for managing the accounts and forms of Trouble ticketing for the customers’ assistants. At every moment will be possible to access customer base data checking the status of the managed support tickets, calculated SLA, and KPI of the customer service.

BeTracker is able to can centralize the information of your customer case, providing simply and rapidly after-sales services and creating up and cross-selling opportunities. With BeTracker manage your workforce optimize the process to account management: Put your clients first!


BeTracker includes several functionalities as customer management divided into contact and company and also calendar management into the workgroups for planning daily activities.

The operator connected to the Agent Desktop can interact in only the interface and will have available, the caller information thanks to registry save in BeTracker, facilitating the operativity and daily productivity.

All the information contained in the interaction, such as voice recordings or sent messages, will be automatically saved in a specific registry section, guaranteeing the continuity of information of Digital Customer Care.


Into the BeInContact can find the section integrated of Case Management to manage the customer service process through to open support tickets. For the company, it is necessary to track the problems and the customer’s request and this integrated system manages, register, and organize the problem and motivation of contact according to your need.

The Trouble ticketing is connected to the intern Database containing the information of your customers, products, purchase service, and historic relationship. You can open a case, leave it pending or escalate to the team with specific skills or close it to the moment of resolution.


Automation of ticketing processes
Faster execution in customer recognition
Reduction of procedure learning times
360° customer view
Numbering of assistance requests and the possibility of tracking them also by email
Service level management through SLA and KPI monitoring
Possibility of queuing and resizing of open tickets
Automation of customer service management processes
Integrated Case Management Section

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