Call Center Recorder

Real time call monitoring


BeInContact’s Call Center Recorder not only benefits inbound/outbound voice calls, but also Email, Chat, SMS, and digital channels. Through recordings it allow a supervisor, agent, or team leader to retrieve every type of discussion between customer and operator.

Records are remotely watched and listened. Thanks to a web portal and search filters you can easily download, share and export/archive them on external databases.

Call monitoring is fully integrated. Signals alerting agents grant the highest quality and performance levels to your service delivery.

Data monitoring and acquisition for quality check through live sentiment analysis has never been easier.




BeInContact Call Center Recorder solution allows you to keep recorded files online for a prevously defined amunt of time. Downloading or sharing before overwriting is always a possibility.

API can also automatically send audio/video records to third-party systems. This way archive activity follows through without breaking regulations.

The call recording system provides the registration of the following calls:

  • For a specific agent
  • To a specific campaign or service
  • Including IVR segments and queue waiting times

It is also possible to record a predetermined percentage for each service, or customizing them for different agents/teams/services.

Furthermore the system can, automatically, schedule and move data via night SFTP. The system provides storing on your servers or online on our Amazon AWS Cloud Service, in Frankfurt.


BeInContact supports agent/caller audio recording and can be configured for all the calls recorded in a campaign or a particular agent. Thanks to third-party integrations  of Analysis Sentiment, you can save metadata series for archive and service analysis. Build your strategies and optimize service delivery methodologies.

Thanks to Contact Center Recording of the BeInContact unit to sentiment analysis, you can forward contact requests to more capable operators, being able to count on a rich database from which you can draw information for the timely analysis of your staff.


Daily recordings in real time
Inbound / Outbound call recordings
Omni channel recordings and screen recorders
Recording Detailed reports enriched with metadata
Call center real time monitoring and call logging
Collaboration tools with omnichannel recording
Sentiment analysis
Quality scoring
Recording formats .mp3 or .wav

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