Automatic Call Distributor Software

Routes your communication interactions
to the best available agent


The Automatic Call Distribution Software, is an intelligent system that allows incoming calls to be routed to the best skilled Agents, or to an automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) able to answer the calls and capture Customers information.

The BeInContact’s advanced Automatic Call Distribution software enables routing to all channels of communication (e.g., phone calls, sms, social media messaging, chat, email, etc.)  then selects the most appropriate Agent to handle the interaction, resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Maximize customer satisfaction and agent productivity with automated omni channel routing between any communication channels.


The BeInContact ACD system provides all the functions of a traditional ACD system call center, but combined with new generation functions that guarantee flexibility and ease of configuration using web-based graphic tools. Automatic call distribution software, depending on the specific skills, service or channel, always reaches the available Agent with the highest percentage attributed, in order to reduce waiting times and improve the Customer Experience. Discover the “Follow-The-Sun” function: calls are automatically and dynamically forwarded to Agents considering the working hours and the relative time zone in which they operate.


Follow The Sun Support
Omni channel ACD
Call routing based on rules and priorities
DataBase Look-up for intelligent CRM-driven routing
Single-site or multisite in high capacity
ACD in Multi-Tenant
Simultaneous routing on thousands of agents
Administration Tools via Web

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