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Always connected to customers to answer their needs

The Group, established in Viano, Reggio Emilia, specializes in the development of manufacturing automated solutions for daily consumer goods companies in the logistic, beverage, food, and tissue sectors or other diversified areas.

Thanks to innovative technologies and a thorough analysis of customers’ logistic processes, more than 25 years ago, the company was already working on the concept of Industry 4.0: smart, interconnected, and digitized factories. Today, E80 Group installed over 2000 robotic and 5000 automatic laser-guided systems, starting from 2016, 35 high-density automatic warehouses.



Customer Service is one of E80 Group’s main pillars: it guarantees to all customers long-lasting maximum innovation, total safety, reduction of margin error, and factory complete efficiency in finding support information.

For these reasons, E80 Group found BeCloud Solutions a strong ally to be able to manage the entire flow of daily requests optimizing the communication process for a renewed end efficient Customer Experience.



Regarding Service features, it has been requested the supply of international numbers in order to collect daily customer support calls. Through BeConnect service, BeCloud Solutions has been able to provide and configure 2 toll free numbers, with Italian area code (for the European market) and New York area code (for the north/sud American market).

The E80 Group support teams work on the same platform (BeInContact – 100% Cloud Contact Center Omnichannel solution) from 2 distinct geographical areas, Monterrey in Mexico and Reggio Emilia in Italy. Thanks to supply of geo-localized numbers and the full-Cloud capability, BeInCon- tact is able to deliver h24 service to the customers unifying software architecture that results, for this reason, simplified.

Support calls are routed seamlessly to both teams according to the service time and thanks to “Follow the Sun” feature, recognizing the geographical area of competence of the caller and taking care of operating time zones.

In case of an Incoming call, through IVR flow, the customer is asked to enter a contract identification code, in order to be enabled in the use of the support service and to be automatically recognized by the system. BeInContact research into E80 Group Salesforce environment, the presence of an active and registered contract searching for the code inserted.

Verified the existence of active contract, the call is queued according to routing rules and logics based on the geolocation of the caller, the geographic area of competence and the operative shifts of the technicians in the 2 time zones available.

The operational shifts of the technicians are managed through shared calendars into the CRM: BeInContact is able to search “availability events” choosing the geographical area and most suitable agent between 2 teams, managing to forward the request to the correct agent who is in charge of the Customer.

Routing rules are retrieved from Salesforce, guaranteeing to the E80 Group team complete autonomy in configuring workflow directly in the CRM.

Technicians work directly in Salesforce where BeInContact CTI Phone Bar has been integrated. When the call is forwarded to the Agent workstation, the relative page of the recognized account is shown, where the agent can find or add all the information needed to manage the request. The platform has been configured to forward the call directly to the agent’s smartphone, in case of availability shift.



E80 Group’s choice to move to the Cloud was certainly a success. BeInContact has been the answer to their Customer Service needs in terms of productivity, ease and flexibility, succeeding to provide an innovative, reliable and integrated service.

Thanks to BeCloud Solutions collaboration, E80 Group follows, step by step, all their customers worldwide, accompanying them during the plant life’s cycle, responding quickly to each request and helping the companies to maintain high value and operative capacity of solutions implemented, year after year.

“At E80 Group, listening to the customers is the main pillar. The primary goal is to offer them 360° services with innovative, intuitive, and easy-to-implement solutions. Thanks to the partnership with BeCloud Solutions we improved the level of Customer Satisfaction and increased, at the same time, the contact rate. We believe that the synergy and the big teamwork brings an added value to our customers and ourselves, improving moments of learning and continuing the Customer Service innovation.”

IT Software Manager di E80 Group

In short

Customer: E80 Group

Sector: Industries

Location: Italy, Mexico



• Deliver customer services in h24 mode by unifying software architecture

• Have highlights of technicians’ operational shifts, choosing the geographical area of reference


IVR flow

Geolocated numbering

“Follow the sun”



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