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Keeping up with new communication technologies is challenging. Companies face difficulties surviving in an ever-evolving market. Balancing internal and customer communication is crucial. Neglecting one for the other is risky. Despite vast knowledge, a single error can jeopardize the entire business. So, which tools should be adopted? What technologies can help implement effective communication? In recent years, two concepts gained traction globally: Unified Communication and Contact Center. Both streamline communication processes, but with contrasting goals and motivations.

Follow BeCloud in discovering features, functionalities, and benefits of both communication systems. Uncover their unique roles in contemporary business.




Enterprise services always at your disposal


A business and Marketing concept describing the integration between enterprise communication services.



Also known as UC, and born in the ’90s. It aims at improving internal corporate communication, overcoming geographical limitations. It provides access to various communication channels and features. Voice, real-time messaging, video calls, voicemail, and content sharing are just a few. All accessible through a single interface.



Thanks to UC, each business communication is linked to the other one. The working environment, as the name implies, is “Unified”. Different business departement members can participate to meetings, share opinions and take business decisions to organise their activities. And that’s not all. Calendar and file sharing, always up to date within the same Omnichannel platform is also possible. The overall workflow is fast and efficient. Business collaboration between workers and in porjects is improved. Operational costs for each instrument are reduced.




Powerfull customers communication system


the focal point of customer communication channels management



Designed hubs managing customer interactions across various communication channels. Opposed to UC, Contact Centers focus on external communication. Their raison d’être are customers themselves, making it the frontline of every business. The model aims at improving customer service and support. Leveraging technologies and processes, Contact Centers enable businesses to handle customer interactions on different channels tailored to customers needs.



Centricity is fundamental. A stark difference from the traditional Call Center approach (Care to take a look?). Its effectiveness, however, is significantly higher. Businesses, thorugh complete control over communication channels, reach customers on their preferred platform. It will result in a substantial impact on customer loyalty for companies embracing this cross-channel connection model.



 100% Cloud Omnichannel solution


Certainly, the Unified Communication and Contact Center models have different uses. However, the improvements brought by both are essential for any respectable company. That’s why BeCloud and its team worked to create a solution incorporating both communication models and their benefits. Our Omnichannel solution, BeInContact, meets the needs of any company in internal and external communication. Unified Communication and Contact are included in a single Cloud solution.


By implementing BeInContact, customers can use their preferred communication channel to reach your Contact Center. Whether it’s voice, chat, email, social messaging, or WhatsApp for Business, businesses can manage them all together. Even apps like Teams, for internal corporate communication, are integrated into our platform for a better workflow. As a 100% Cloud solution, BeInContact offers easy, fast access without the need for hardware installations. Operators can handle interactions, both internal and external, anywhere and anytime – an internet connection is all they need.


The all-in-one solution also provides numerous advantages. Monitoring interactions (internal or with customers) and their management are just a few. Supervisors can keep an eye on all past and ongoing interactions on customized wallboards. They can analyze each interaction, agent schedules, and improve all team workflows. Customer support becomes personalized and fast. Additionally, our CTI Phone Bar is natively integrated with all market and custom CRMs. It recognizes customers during interactions based on the data stored in the database and creates tasks to optimize the workflow.

Implemented platform features


  • Scalability and flexibility for business of every dimension. Extrimely flexible to answers needs of business of every market and sector.


  • Easy updates with no interruption. Being Cloud based, the Contact Center platform is updated without inactivity times.


  • Complitely customisable. The SaaS software allows customisable APIs to specific drag and drop business scenaries.


  • AI integration. The platform natively integrates with all kind of Artificial Intelligence such as IBM Watson and Amazon AI.


This are but few native features the platform has to offer. Find out more!





Unified Communication and Contact Centers are traditionally managed separately and differently. The integration between the two offers an innovative, holistic approach. By removing internal/external communication boundries businesses become faster and efficient on their own market and sector. One unique communication strategy can improve productivity and Customer Satisfaction as well. With the advancement of new technologies, the sinergy between UC anc Contact Center is fated to a major role in busienss communication. BeCloud is by your side in this crucial leap towards the future that is today!


M. Cereda

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