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Scalable and flexible. 

Extremely flexible, it meets the needs of companies of any size and sector.

Technological updates.

Being based on the Cloud, your Contact Center platform can be updated without interruption.

Secure and compliant platform. 

Our solutions is compliant with PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, TCPA, GDPR. Processes customer information securely, communication is encrypted.

Fully customizable. 

The software has customizable Apis to generate specific drag-and-drop scenarios for your business.


Complete control of calls from the browser

All calls are checked by the Desktop Web Agent application.

Missed calls

If a customer dials the number within minutes, the call is handed over to the same agent who helped him, ignoring IVR or Code, resuming the conversation interrupted.

Standalone calls and SMS

At any time, a client and an agent during a call can exchange text messages.

Virtual queue with callback

During phone volume spikes, customers can hook up and receive a call when an agent becomes available.


Dialing method

Make a forecast of the times of conversation and dialing of the contacts contained in the list, in order to compose in advance the call to forward to an operator.

Accurate call analysis and answering machine detection

It automatically detects a call accepted from an answering machine or a person and knows when to leave a message or connect the caller to an agent in real time.

More suitable operator

Thanks to predictive dialing, the interlocutor reaches the most suitable agent reducing the abandonment of calls.

Assigning ID

Improves the probability of responding to a call, the caller ID is automatically specified.


Automatic Call Distributor

It is an intelligent system that allows to distribute incoming calls, or outgoing calls, to the operators most suitable for the management of the same.

Routing based on skills

It allows managers to accurately and fairly distribute interactions to the most suitable agents.

Omnichannel and overlays

The agent is able to manage multiple interactions of various types.


Calls are automatically and dynamically forwarded to operators considering the working time and the relative time in which they operate.


Customizable workflows 

Customize the workflow during and after an interaction so that it matches your specific case.

Omnichannel scenarios

Allow customers to switch from one channel to another and track the path during interaction. Customize the customer’s path on any channel, including calls, chats and text messages.

Automation of the workflow

At the end of the interaction, the platform can initiate a workflow scenario set based on factors such as call layout.

Automated outbound notifications

Send automated outbound notifications over channels such as emails, SMS and text messages to inform customers and keep them up to date.


Support for App Messenger

We support all messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, Twitter, Viber, Line and Telegram. Connect with customers via digital channels.

Accurate identification of contacts

Customers with an account registered in the messaging app are identified when they connect to the Contact Center, allowing agents to control their activities.

Continuity of conversation

When an interaction is interrupted, a returning customer may be returned to the same agent who followed him previously.


Seamlessly switch between channels. A conversation that starts on a channel can be transferred without losing context.


Unified omni channel reporting

Detailed reports include all data of all interactions on all channels.

Supervisor dashboard

Supervisors can quickly view key metrics and Kpis related to service queues, campaigns, teams, agents. Receive alerts and statistics associated with performance.

Report generator

Customize reports to highlight specific Kpis and save the resulting data sets for future review.

Planned and ad hoc reports

Quickly get scheduled periodic reports with preset parameters without having to manually run the report.


Integration with the best artificial intelligence

The platform integrates with all types of artificial intelligence such as IBM Watson and Amazon AI.

Assistance agent

AI integrations can assist agents during conversations and provide real-time sentiment analysis.

Analysis of sentiment

Through AI integrations, the platform can monitor in real time and determine whether the customer is neutral, positive or negative regarding the interaction.

Automated conversations

The best AI integrations allow you to use natural language and your own voice to navigate through the options in the IVR menu.

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