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Let’s be real: AI is not a futuristic instrument anymore. Artificial Intelligence is now present in everyday life, be it private, business or on the market. Its implications are unlimited, both awe-inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks to these emerging technologies business can maximise production, streamlining operations and engage more consumers than ever before.


Its clear Customer Service is being shaped with new innovations and technologies. But we need to wonder: does AI-powered automation really lives up to the hype? Are its applications infinite as it seems? And, again, are they going to replace human workers or simply help them and guide them through interactions?


This, and many other questions, have been the center of BeCloud’s discoveries and innovations brought in assistance to its partners.





You can’t the future without a good insight of the past. It’s difficult to point out when Artificial Intelligence was invented. Studies and concepts dates back to 1956. Following achievement and losses, it is in 2012 that it became the instrument we’ve known ever since. It’s a concept that draws upon different studies and theories: from psychology to linguistics. From philosophy to neuroscience and many other fields. Its self-learning capabilities have made AI a unique tool for every business and agency.





There are many ways businesses can adopt artificial intelligence in their daily activities. Given its automatic disposition in streamlining processes its clear costs will be reduced, but that’s not all. Where AI shines the most is its adaptability. Here are some examples of AI applications and uses we can offer, no matter the market.


AI has a quick way to automatically check information and create customisable reports. In the health and pharmacy market it can analyze vast amounts of data, creating customisable reports to medics. The latter will have at their disposal in hours, if not minutes, patterns of potential health risks. They’ll then be able to diagnose patients quickly and more accurately. Saving time means saving lives as well.


Artificial Intelligence is also capable of self-learning and self-teaching, a feature of importance in the education department. Students, teachers and operators of any business are able, through AI, to receive personalized lessons and teachings. Agents training is possible as well.


Wonderful implications, aren’t they? As you can see none of these interactions undervalue human workers, which always remain the core of the business. AI simply guides operators and agents doing their job. A wonderful digital assistant able to simplify people’s work. But that’s not all market sectors: Call Centers too have developed to incorporate AI and its benefits.





With BeCloud’s BeNext, a suite of multilingual artificial intelligence services businesses are able to apply all aforementioned AI features in call centers as well. Using Artificial intelligence call centers improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and simplify various aspects of their operations. Here are other ways its possible to enact integrations thanks to our application.


Chatbots and Virtual Assistants


AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine customer inquiries and provide immediate responses 24/7. They can answer FAQ, guide customers through troubleshooting, assist with tasks like password resets, account balance inquiries, and appointment scheduling.


Speech Recognition


AI-driven speech recognition technology is used to transcribe and analyze customer-agent interactions. This helps in quality assurance, compliance monitoring, and extracting insights from customer conversations. It can also provide real-time suggestions to agents during calls.


Text to Speech


The opposite of Speech Recognition. Allows AI, through the help of a bot, to read aloud what has been written by the client.


Natural Language Processing


NLP technology allows AI systems to understand and process natural language, making it possible to categorize and route calls more accurately. It can also be used to analyze customer sentiment, identify trends, and gain insights from unstructured data in calls and chats.


Automated Call Routing


AI can route incoming calls to the most appropriate agent or department based on customer data, such as their account history or the nature of their inquiry. This ensures customers are connected to the right person more quickly.


Sentiment Analysis


AI can analyze customer sentiment during calls to identify when a customer is frustrated, satisfied, or in need of additional support. This information can be used to adjust the customer experience in real-time or improve agent training.


This are but few of the implementations BeCloud can offer.

Want to find out more? Discover BeNext!





The integration of artificial intelligence in has ushered in a new era of efficiency, especially enhancing customer experiences. By leveraging technologies such as chatbots, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and agent assistance tools, call centers can reduce response times, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.


While the benefits of AI in call centers are undeniable, it’s crucial to maintain a human touch, ensuring that the synergy between automation and personalized interactions fosters lasting customer satisfaction.


As technology continues to advance, the evolution of AI on the market will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping today’s of customer service, and BeCloud is ready to bring this innovations forth.


M. Cereda

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