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Established in 1954, OCME is a leading packaging machinery company, Headquartered in Parma – Italy, and operating globally, providing customers with premium, innovation-based solutions for packaging consumer goods.

It has provided its customer’s top-quality consumable packaging solutions, based on ongoing innovative research for 64 years. Since 2017 they have been part of the Aetna group holding with more than 3,500 satisfied customers.



The goal was to improve the technical help desk dedicated to customers, implementing a flexible and personalized solution, with features closer to their business needs. OCME, thanks to BeInContact, is able to ensure the best-qualified support with a guaranteed response time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all over the world.



OCME has requested the provision of international numbers to receive support calls. Through the BeConnect service, 8 black numbers have been activated for different markets such as Italy, England, USA, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, and South Africa. Therefore, thanks to the provision of geolocated numbers and the Full Cloud functionality, BeInContact is able to provide services 24 hours a day, unifying the software architecture which is thus simplified.


Support calls are in fact forwarded to the teams according to the hours of service through the use of the “Follow the sun” function according to the geographical area of competence of the calling customer, without interruption dictated by operating time zones. Thanks to the integration with SAP, when a call arrives, the customer is asked to enter the contract code and the associated PIN, for the purpose of recognition and enabling of the same to use the support service.


BeInContact thus searches, within SAP, for the presence of a registered and active contract on the basis of the entered code, extracting the personal data and information regarding the plants. Checked the existence of an active contract has been verified, the customer is asked if he intends to enter the serial number of the machine for which assistance is requested; simultaneously with the routing of the call, the SAP master data of the active customer contract is opened on the Agent Desktop of the operator’s BeInContact, accompanied by the information of the caller found.


A script has also been configured to report all the customer’s equipment (machines and serial numbers) with an active contract, for easier and faster management of the interaction. The call is then queued according to routing rules and logics based on the geolocation of the caller, geographical area of competence and operating shifts of the technicians on duty.


The technicians operate directly on the BeInContact AgentDesktop: at the same time as the call routing to the operator station, BeInContact displays the customer’s personal data and contractual details recorded in SAP, within which the operator can find and add all the information necessary for management of the request and possibly open a ticket, as well as a script with additional and useful information for cataloging and solving the problem.


In the case of technicians on call, therefore not logged into Agent Desktop, after the contract verification process, the platform forwards the support calls directly to the technician’s mobile phone, via the Mobile App, depending on the thematic area of competence and shift schedules.



Thanks to this partnership, distance no longer exists. OCME’s remote support centre, using BeCloud technology, is able to provide its customers with instant and complete support, speaking directly with senior technicians and having a multilingual service available to respond to all markets.

“The desktop agent is very intuitive and easy to use. It is a very flexible system that allows adaptability to the needs of completely different working and organizational contexts. It is possible to expand the starting module with many additional functions so as to be able to use a single tool that brings together various communication channels. The experience at the moment is very positive, starting from the good understanding established with my project contacts.”

Responsible 24/7

In short

Customer: OCME

Sector: Industries

Location: Italy and Mexico



• Enhancing the technical help desk with a customized solution

• Provide the best-qualified support worldwide


International telephone numbers

Integration to SAP

“Follow the sun”

Mobile App


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