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Modern digital technologies for patient care

Careapt is a society founded by Zcube, the Research Venture of Zambon, and is dedicated to the development of Hi-Tech/Hi. Touch integrated solutions to transform the care of chronic diseases into an experience of relationship and attention to the person.

CareAPT operates in the phase of a care pathway that takes place within the home by integrating different specialist expertise into the daily experience of illness within the principles of Collaborative Medicine.



During the pandemic, at a time of extreme emergency, BeCloud was able to offer its solutions by participating in a fully digital project aimed at offering support to people with Parkinson’s and Dementia.

The initiative undertaken by Careapt, made it possible to offer regular assistance and activate necessary medical interventions for patients, through the creation of a specialized tele-assistance nursing program, aimed at the regions most affected in Italy by the Covid-19 emergency.

In the presence of such sensitive situations, providing care is vital, so digital takes on an increasingly important strategic footprint, ensuring the effectiveness of activities.


Careapt through its services, supports patients and family members in daily life directly at home, identifying and monitoring clinical and occupational needs and promoting the development of personalized strategies to promote patient autonomy in everyday activities.

In order to support these services, BeCloud initially provided the client with a geographic numbering prefix of “02” to capture and manage all support requests received through the voice channel. At that numbering, a specific IVR was configured to recognize the patient and forward calls to the dedicated nursing care manager.

All Careapt specialist staff operate on Salesforce Health Cloud CRM within which CTI Phone Bar BeInContact has been integrated for interaction management. For all calls, after the patient verification and recognition process, BeInContact forwards the call to the referring therapist who will find all the patient’s information on the screen in order to provide the necessary support quickly and efficiently. Family involvement is considered central to the success of the care process, which is why during the emergency period it was necessary to include a new feature, which allows the therapist to initiate a video call, on a smartphone or from a PC, by simply sending the patient an SMS with a dedicated link to connect to.

The moment of the tele-visit represents a completion of the care pathway; through the emotions and stories of the family members, the therapist is able to analyze with the patient any problems related to symptoms and therapy: how to continue motor activity at home, provide all the indications on the availability of medicines, how to take them, or how to manage the various problems that the disease entails. BeCloud, to complement the service offered by Careapt, also provides an automatic text message service to remind the patient of a visit to the doctor or appointments with their dedicated therapist.


With this approach, the BeInContact omnichannel platform has made it possible to address the need to preserve patient health while at the same time maintaining the continuity of therapists’ work activities. In fact, as-a-service model management makes it possible to have the necessary tools and information at hand to be able to provide excellent care even in the most critical and sensitive settings.

“The implemented communication platform has not only been the tool by which to manage patient interactions, but with BeCloud’s experts, it has also been possible to organize the care process of our patients, who are supported by our specialized nurses, optimizing their daily work and the difficulties this entails.”

Daniela Fritzsching

Operations & Marketing Manager

In short

Customer: Careapt

Sector: Healthcare

Location: Italy


– Providing digital tools to support people with Parkinson’s and Dementia, during the pandemic

– Creating a tele health nursing program


National geographic numbering

Specific IVR

Voice Channel integrated to Salesforce Health Cloud


Automatic SMS


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