Case Study: Lario Reti Holding

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A renewed Customer Experience at service of citizens

Lario Reti Holding S.p.A. has been the manager of the Integrated Water Service for all municipalities in Lecco Province since the 1st of January 2016. Lario Reti Holding is a company with full public capital and its owners are 87 municipalities from Lecco and Como Provinces, through a special company called Ufficio d’Ambito di Lecco. It was officially founded on the 22nd of April 2008 and the merged entities are already operating in the territory of the Lecco Province in the public services sector.



Lario Reti Holding has the continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered to the citizen as its mission, increasing the efficiency of the resources and the means for the attainment of the objectives and the levels of service demanded from the authority.

The main pillar was, therefore, the adoption of two Full Cloud platforms integrated with each other, for the simultaneous management of data and interaction. On the one hand, Salesforce CRM and on the other the 100% Cloud Omnichannel Contact Center platform offered by BeCloud Solutions called BeInContact.

Thanks to this approach, LRH has succeeded in optimizing all the flows, the management of daily contacts, and the operativity of the agents thus ensuring a high quality and immediacy of fruition of the offered services.

To achieve these results, effective operating procedures have been defined and focused on continuous innovation that has allowed everyone, even users with less familiarity with digital tools, to interact easily and quickly with any type of request and need, focusing on a high Customer Experience renewal and innovation.



To be able to offer a simple and intuitive customer experience we focused on supporting the technical and operational staff of LRH acting mainly on three types of services offered: Customer Service, Prompt Intervention and Debt Recovery. To achieve these objectives we started from the provision of 2 new national geographical numbers configured behind the relevant toll-free numbers (800) for the capture and management of all requests for support received through the voice channel.

Certificates to these numbers have been configured specific IVR for navigation, recognition and forwarding of calls to the correct offices and operators. All Contact Center agents, internal and outsourced, operate on CRM Salesforce within which the CTI Phone Bar BeInContact has been integrated for the management of interaction.

For all calls, after the customer verification and recognition process, BeInContact automatically creates a new precompiled Salesforce Case of the captured information and offers it to the operator at the same time as the call routing, thus pursuing a twofold objective: the historical archiving of all the problems and the management of the request, through the use of the Case Management of Salesforce.

Emergency Services calls are forwarded to operators operating from an external outsourcer. For the Customer Service, upon the arrival of the call, after the process of recognition and verification, the citizen is addressed to three other subtypes of service.

1) The meter reading service implemented, allows the citizen to communicate their reading counter directly over the phone.

2) For the prompt service, the call is sent to the operators of a recovery company, which operates through its own telephone exchange. Although they do not use the BeInContact platform, thanks to the call forwarding via an implemented SIP Trunk, all customers information captured during the IVR is passed directly to the operators in outsourcing.

3) For general support requests, calls are forwarded to the Contact Center group within LRH. For all incoming calls, a pop-up is shown on the operator’s screen, with information from the Contact or Account recognized to an agent using BeInContact within the CRM.

Being a Utility, the aspects of continuity, warranty and reachability of service are imposed and controlled directly by the ARERA authority. For this reason, particular importance has been given to the reporting and measurement aspect of service level indicators.

Thanks to the native features of BeInContact it is possible to transmit all data related to calls managed directly within Salesforce, so that all information about customer contacts and related support requests is available in a single database. At the end of each interaction, in fact, BeInContact is able to pass the parameters of the interaction directly within CRM objects, such as, for example, duration of the interaction, type, channel, outcomes, queue and waiting times, IVR choices and much more. It is thus possible for supervisors and team leaders to find service metrics directly from dashboards, giving qualitative value to a set of quantitative data.

While, a custom report ad hoc, provides in real time the state of occupation of telephone channels in relation to competing calls managed by the platform, ensuring, in case of saturation channels, an immediate expansion intervention as provided for by the law of the sector.



Thanks to BeCloud, Lario Reti Holding has implemented a full Cloud Omnichannel platform, scalable, flexible and innovative to increase the Customer Experience of its customers by offering a high quality of services required by the authority and citizens.

Thanks to this collaboration, LRH has managed to optimize flows, management of daily contacts and operativity of agents, thus ensuring a high quality and immediacy of use of the services offered.

“The BeInContact solution certified and integrated with Salesforce was what we needed. Now we have a much faster and more orderly call flow management, a simple and flexible IVR and above all we work on a single interface with all the information we need. We can therefore say that the partnership with BeCloud has allowed us to offer a real transformation able to substantially increase the level of Customer Experience of all our customers.”

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In short

Customer: Lario Reti Holding

Sector: Utility

Location: Italy


• Improving the quality of services offered to citizens

• Adoption of two integrated cloud platforms

• Optimization of agents’ operational flows




National geographic numbering

Navigation-specific IVRs

Voice channel integrated with Salesforce


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