Lario Reti Holding

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A renewed Customer Experience at service of citizens

Lario Reti Holding S.p.A. has been the manager of the Integrated Water Service for all municipalities in Lecco Province since the 1st of January 2016. Lario Reti Holding is a company with full public capital and its owners are 87 municipalities from Lecco and Como Provinces, through a special company called Ufficio d’Ambito di Lecco. It was officially founded on the 22nd of April 2008 and the merged entities are already operating in the territory of the Lecco Province in the public services sector.


“The BeInContact solution certified and integrated with Salesforce was what we needed. Now we have a much faster and more orderly call flow management, a simple and flexible IVR and above all we work on a single interface with all the information we need. We can therefore say that the partnership with BeCloud has allowed us to offer a real transformation able to substantially increase the level of Customer Experience of all our customers.”

Ezio Manio

IT Manager Information Technology


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