Finance & Customer Experience


WORKSHOP – February 8, 2018


Milano – Copernicus Milan Central Station


February 8, 2018 in Milan BeCloud Solutions participated as guest in the “Finance & Customer Experience” workshop where it presented its Cloud Contact Center solution and a case study in Finance field.

The period of crisis and upheavals and the digital “threat” that have affected the Finance sector have led to a rethinking of the strategies implemented, contributing to the spread of greater attention to the Customer Experience and the quality of the services offered. These present themselves today as the really determining factors to remain competitive in a market characterized by the continuous appearance of new players.

The evolution of business models and the adoption of innovative technologies that are observed at a global level aim precisely at the creation of an offer that is ever closer and responds to customer expectations, exploiting the possibilities guaranteed by digital, data usage and artificial intelligence.

During the workshop it was possible to find out which solutions are available to allow banks, insurance companies and fintechs to:

  • Provide personalized services and customer experiences
  • Improve the quality and consistency of customer interactions
  • Ensure seamless convergence between the different channels
  • Offer simple and accessible solutions
  • Create smart branches capable of balancing automation and self-service with human support

During the speech given by BeCloud Solutions, we talked about how the innovation of the finance world also passes through the Cloud . Banks and insurance companies have always cared about data protection and compliance with safety regulations, with BeInContact, the BeCloud Solutions Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center solution, new scenarios open up that allow you to meet these standards, while increasing flexibility and agility. and establish a more direct and close relationship with their customers by interacting with them through their favorite channel (voice, email, chat, SMS, social, chatbot, etc.). An important success case was presented below.

Relive the event by viewing videos and photos of our speech given by Luca Triggiani – Marketing Manager at BeCloud Solutions.

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