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Implementing new technologies for a better Customer Experience

Comer Sud is an official Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Volkswagen, Seat, Cupra, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Piaggio, and Great Wall sales and service dealership based in Sicily. Its mission is to offer every customer, who contacts it through the various channels available, a transversal service of the highest quality, flanking it with the best that the automotive sector can offer in terms of products and services; prestige, quality, technology, and tradition are the foundations that have always defined it. For this reason, every service offered is tailored to customers’ needs.


Comer Sud main focus has always been Customer Satisfaction without any kind of interruption, so they created the Brand “Servizi D-Service”, which offers 24h assistance in mobility and for mobility, thanks to the connection between customers, vehicles, and the net of affiliated garages and dealerships: a unique offering in the auto industry, where no dealership or car manufacturer offers such a varied and technologically advanced range of tailor-made services, where the main objective is the satisfaction of the Customer’s needs rather than the cost of satisfying individual requests, with the aim of simplifying the management of events in people’s daily life.

Comer Sud aims to create a long-term relationship with its customers and therefore, from the very beginning of the CRM application configuration, to ensure effective and efficient management of D-Service Customer’s requests, it chose to integrate an Omnichannel CTI Solution.

After the success of the Customer Journey implemented for the D-Service Customer’s, Comer Sud decided to implement a CRM integrated with the CTI solution to the Comer Sud PARTS business unit as well, as the exponential increase in spare parts request made it necessary to implement a defined technological to manage the support and service requests of its business customers, including the D-Service Network Workshops and Body shops that meet D-Service Customer’s service requests every day.

Taking care of every stage of the purchasing process, from sales to maintenance to the provision of customized mobility and in-mobility services, customer satisfaction was and is an important part for Comer Sud, given the wide range of services offered.



Comer Sud was looking for an innovative and enterprise class solution that satisfy its requests for the optimization of the communication processes of different department. So, we had implemented a 100% Cloud Omnichannel Contact Center platform for two different customer service: Comer Sud PARTS and D-Service.

D-Service agents works directly in Salesforce within which the BeInContact CTI Phone Bar has been integrated, thus having all the interaction control keys and customer information within the CRM in a single interface. Instead, the agents of the Comer Sud PARTS department operate directly on the BeInContact Stand Alone environment.

Through the CTI integration between Comer Sud’s Salesforce CRM and the BeInContact application designed by BeCloud, the latter is able to recognize the telephone number within the personal data saved in the database and at the same time create a new input object equipped with all the information found in the IVR, thus providing the information to manage the request. The operator is also able to manage the requests that arriving via Web Chat, always within Salesforce, in a single web interface.

PARTS department, operates directly on the BeInContact Stand Alone environment, the omnichannel platform supports various contact channels in which the operators can interact with customers/suppliers including Voice, WebChat and WhatsApp for Business, recognizing the customer through the customer code entered in the master records of BeTracker, BeInContact’s CMS.

Thanks to BeInContact, Comer Sud was able to activate a WhatsApp for Business account linked to existing mobile or fixed numbers and be able to manage WhatsApp together with all the other digital channels, maximizing the operator’s experience and allowing to move the discussion from one channel to another, always leaving the possibility of contact to its customers.

Inbound messaging is forwarded to the BeInContact Agent Desktop used for managing the other contact channels. Once the Inbound message has been received, the operator will be able to reply directly from the BeInContact Agent Desktop, thus simplifying their operations.

The BeInContact Campaign Manager component was also activated for the management of outbound campaigns through a list manager, in order to proactively reach customers for surveys, events and lead detection purposes. The contact lists are profiled within the CRM and imported into the Campaign Manager: the dialing system in Preview mode offers the operator the numbering of the record to call and, simultaneously with the call, the operator finds on the screen all the information of the customer being contacted, present in the lists using agent scripting.



All the services offered by the Comer Sud dealership and D-Service are focused on customer satisfaction, with the aim of simplifying the management of events in the daily life of people on the move and for mobility. All their employees are constantly updated on the new technologies implemented and the level of Customer Experience has increased so much as to exponentially increase the number of new customers and post-sales satisfaction.

“I really appreciated the ease of omnichannel connection with the customer. The flexibility of the tool to integrate with and third-party software, and the ability to configure the experience according to the needs of the organization. The use of BeInContact was intuitive from the beginning, thanks to the help of the Support Team who was quick and attentive to our business needs.”

D-Service Business Unit Manager

In short

Customer: Comer Sud and Comer Sud PARTS

Sector: Automotive

Location: Italy



• Integrating an omnichannel CTI solution with CRM for effective request management

• Improving the technology process for support and service requests

• Increasing customer satisfaction


Voice Channel, WebChat

WhatsApp for Business


Salesforce Integration

Campaign Manager



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