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An efficient Customer Service Management

Cadlog, a leading European company in the digitalization of the electronic factory, is part of Var Group, a large industrial company with a turnover of 400 million, a team of over 2,700 specialists, and 35 offices around the world.

This IT leader supports the competitiveness of companies by integrating solutions, services, and technologies for the digitalization of processes. Var Group is part of the SeSa Group, whose mission is to lead technological and digital innovation at the service of people and businesses. Since 2013, the Sesa Group has been present on the Italian Stock Exchange.



The project stems from the need to have an integrated voice-data tool to manage daily contacts with their customers, mainly in the field of lead detection and qualification. Cadlog Agents and Supervisors are senior professionals dedicated to technical coordination who proactively monitor the customer’s needs and advise on the possibilities for optimizing products and flows.

Thanks to the integration between BeInContact and Salesforce, operators have the ability to manage inbound interactions in a single web interface and have caller information captured during IVR and shown on the screen at the same time as the call routing on the operator station.



With Cadlog having 4 offices in Europe: Italy, Germany, France and Spain, the supply of international numbers was requested as a collection point for support calls. Through the BeConnect service, therefore, local international numbers have been generated and certified and, thanks to the provision of geo-localized numbers and the Full-Cloud feature, BeInContact is able to provide services to the customer in h24 mode, unifying the software architecture that it is thus simplified.

The processes managed by Cadlog operators in the context of Lead detection, provide for Outbound flows originating from contact requests or completed forms. For this, two different management flows have been configured:

Manual calls: Agents can make manual Outbound calls using click2call from Salesforce objects or using the dial pad on the CTI phone bar, offering the telephone number of the office in charge of the Lead at the output;

Campaign: In order to configure Massive Campaigns, the segmented records in the campaigns configured in Salesforce are automatically sent to BeInContact, which is responsible for launching and managing the telephone callback campaign. Since the Lead Qualification process starts from CRM objects, to achieve this goal, it was decided to use the standard Salesforce “Campaign” object;

Using the Preview Method, the records are proposed to the agent configured in the campaign accompanied by the screen pop of the imported object, guaranteeing an easy and fast management of the contact by the operator: agents can in fact make a review of the customer’s details before of procedures actually on call, ensuring accuracy and sharing of information during the qualification process.

Thanks also to the platform features, BeInContact is able, at the end of the interaction, to pass some data relating to the call just ended directly to Salesforce, in order to log and analyze the levels of the service. Then, at the end of the interaction, both for the INBOUND and OUTBOUND flows, BeInContact creates an Activity History in Salesforce linked to the card of the reached caller.



In addition to technological improvements, operators can work on tasks without any loss of information, thanks to immediate access at any time to the history of the relationship with the people who have come into contact with Cadlog. For these reasons, flexibility and integration with Salesforce were an important and decisive feature. In fact, the team can count on BeInContact’s features to do their job better.

“In Cadlog we like to call ourselves the Technological Partner of the Electronics Industry in Europe, because the our goal is more than just being a software distributor. We want to become a real and its partner for our customers, building a lasting relationship with them, based on trust, competence, experience and concrete results. The modern communication technologies provided by BeCloud represent an important element within this plan.”

Marketing & Communication Manager

In short

Customer: Cadlog

Sector: Technology

Locations: Italy, German, France, Spain


• Need to integrate a voice-data tool to manage daily contacts

• Speed up the intake of requests


International Numbers

Outbound Calls via Click2call

Outbound Campaigns

Preview Method

Voice Channel integrated with Salesforce



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