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Omnichannel Functionalities

Handling more than one interaction of various media types, including multiple simultaneous communications between a representative and a customer is a breeze with BeInContact.

Blended interaction distribution takes into account multiple skills, contact history, escalations and priority, irrespective of channel. Based on back-end data, interactions can also be distributed personally or re- prioritized.

Fine control over the interaction blend on an agent desktop is easy to set up. For example, BeInContact allows a voice call to interrupt the processing of an e- mail message or up to 2 chats.

Your customers can use their favorite media channels to communicate with representatives which can include voice, chat, chat with video/pictures, email, SMS, social media, mobile apps, and popular chat apps like WeChat, Line, and other social messengers.

Blended Omnichannel Technology


Choose your Channel

In addition to voice, email and chat, software lovely model Multichannel Contact Center supports a wide range of communication options:

  • Social channels like Facebook Messenger
  • Video using WebRTC
  • SMS text messaging and applications (Messenger, Telegram, Line, WeChat, and WhatApps)
  • In mobile applications

In order to meet these expectations, we engineered our platform for omnichannel communication style:

  • Enabling a continued conversation when switching or changing channels
  • Providing the convenience of adding a messaging or content channel to an existing communication
  • Maintaining rich context across conversations

Removing management complexity

With BeInContact, we believe that Contact Center Managers should be able to set up channels by themselves.

  • BeInContact’s Scenario Builder enables Contact Center Managers to define interaction workflows for any channel
  • An innovative capacity model allows the definition of Service Levels by channel and how agents can get interrupted or multitask
  • Real-time Monitoring, Reporting, and Quality Management work consistently across all channels
  • Powerful Timeline Views provide visibility into activities happening across multiple channels
  • All self-service channels are integrated into your CRM application for customer identification and context retrieval