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Outbound Services

Automated outbound dialing can be a powerful productivity tool for organizations that depends on proactive outreach in their business models. BeCloud Contact Center state-of-the-art has outbound dialing functionality (including predictive, progressive, preview and IVR dialing) with an array of easy-to-use campaign management (BeDialer) features to increase efficiency and effectiveness of outbound calling. It empowers business users to maximize the efficiency of their contact center operations by taking advantage of inbound and compliant, as well as proactive outbound calling.

Outbound dialing functionalities

  • Predictive dialing uses sophisticated algorithms based on real-time massive simulation to dynamically control the dialling rate and immediately route successful calls to available agents.
  • In preview dialing mode, users see target information and confirm call placement before each call is dialled.
  • In progressive mode, users can review information as the call is being dialled. With IVR dialling, successful out dials are routed to an IVR script which may include eventual transfer to an agent.

The dialing suite also includes comprehensive answering machine detection capabilities and the ability to leave a message if required.

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Outbound services
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Outbound services