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Upgrade Customer Experience with WhatsApp Business API & discover BeInContact integration

Communicate over the world’s most used chat app with BeCloud Solutions as your Solution Provider of WhatsApp Business Account and messages traffic rates

Be where your customer are


More than 1.5 billion people actively use whatsapp each month


Whatsapp is actively used in over 180 countries


Whatsapp is available in 60 languages for a global customer experience

With BeCloud Solutions WhatsApp platform, you can create an even faster and more engaging Customer Experience

Today customers want to get in touch with companies through familiar, fast and reliable platforms.

Whatsapp Business is the most popular messaging app in the world. Use it to create an unprecedented Customer Experience and to reach your customers wherever they are. Offer better communications, get a higher loyalty rate to create a more lasting relationship.

Bring the power of WhatsApp Business

  • Break down the barriers.
    Void the distances, offer assistance and interact on the channel your customers prefer
  • Reduce the cost of your Customer Service.
    Manage multiple requests simultaneously by optimizing your resources
  • Become part of your customers’daily lives.
    Share documents, audio files, brochures and more. Uses features have made WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the world.

Send audio, video, and image files to enhance the multimedia experience and provide faster and quality processes.

Instantly send and receive documents to close contracts, display brochures, manuals and more.

WhatsApp Business and BeInContact Integration

A single platform to manage your Customer Service everywhere

Thanks to BeInContact, the 100% Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform, you can connect your mobile, landline or toll-free numbers, to a WhatsApp Business account and manage your profile directly from the platform. Using WhatsApp together with all other digital channels allows you to maximize the agent experience, avoiding the management of different channels on multiple systems.


Customer Care

For each conversation opened by your customers, you will have 24 hours from their last message to send a reply.

Activating WhatsApp Business in your Customer Service will allow you to:

  • Customer support by providing quick support through real-time conversations
  • Receive alerts, updates, immediate feedback from your customers
  • Activate groups of conversations with experts for problems that require a third party;
  • Handle critical issues more quickly



Gather consent from your customers to be contacted on WhatsApp and start interacting with them. Once you get it you can so communicate to them notifications, welcome messages and reminders. For example, you could send:

  • Information on your financial services and beyond
  • Material and logistics delivery notifications
  • Availability of products in stock
  • Real-time notifications on shipment and purchase tracking
  • Reminders on deliveries, orders or appointments


In addition to WhatsApp Business

A single communication platform for your Customer Service

Our Customer Engagement platform 100% omnichannel Cloud (BeInContact) through a single access, guarantees the use, in addition to WhatsApp, also of other messaging channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, WeChat, Viber, e-mail and more yet.

If customers cannot be reached via WhatApp, they will be automatically reached via SMS, so they will always receive your messages.

The highly reliable and scalable platform is constantly evolving in order to always guarantee future-proof business communication.


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