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Telemarketing Software - BeDialer

"Sell More, Grow Faster"

For telemarketers, BeDialer (our Telemarketing Software) is a comprehensive package for call center telemarketing campaign management and predictive dialling tools that drive productivity and profitability whilst ensuring compliance. With the administrative tools in our telemarketing software, you gain full control over every campaign and improving results such as:

– Web-based Agent Scripting
– A complete quality management & recording solution
– A strong data management
– A unified Agent desktop

With up to 3x more connections, our outbound telemarketing solution with predictive dialling lowers the cost per lead, increases business activity, and improves agent efficiency.

telemarketing software

BeDialer is the easiest and most efficient Telemarketing Software to use, including a strong dialler and an intuitive agent desktop. BeDialer Telemarketing Software is designed to lower costs, whilst improving call volume, agent productivity, and business agility. With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, BeDialer telemarketing software maximises agents talk time and your contact ratios. Your telemarketing agents reach more prospects, uncover more opportunities, and close more sales.


  • 50% on project and campaign implementation costs
  • 50% on agent training time


  • application development costs by 40%s
  • call center campaign modification time by 40%


  • agent productivity by 35%
  • conversion rates by 25%


  • Predictive, Progressive, Preview, Inbound, IVR campaigns
  • Multiple lists per campaign
  • Multiple numbers per contact
  • Automatic Inbound/Outbound blending
  • Outbound skills based routing
  • Data selection filters with preview
  • Retry and call back management
  • Time zone management
  • Do not call lists
  • Campaign scheduling
  • End of list management
  • Automated dialler performance tuning
  • Call recording management
  • Database management
  • Blended Audio, Email, SMS, IM
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Auto-dialling
  • Pay-per-Use Flexible Plans

Better, faster, stronger

Web-based – No Software to Install
Concentrate on the Next Best Lead to Call
Real Time Call Activity Dashboard
Pay-per-user – Flexible Plans
Auto-dialling – From 35 to 100% more calls!
One Click Pre-Recorded Voice Drop
Quick, Easy Set-Up
Train New Callers in 30 Minutes!
Intelligent Call Recording
Heads Up, Branch Call Scripting
Automated Email Templates and Drip
Appointment Setting Made Easy

BeDialer system allows you to use highly customized Web based agent scripts.

BeDialer guides a salesperson through logical, smart calls leading to repeatable, predictable results. Research has proven that intelligent dialogs significantly increase the effectiveness of a call.

  • Create a base script with branches that allow the user to follow the flow of the call based on the responses gathered
  • Gather information quickly and easily through click-to-gather or input responses
  • Feed information from script responses directly into your custom fields
  • Filter queries and reports by script responses gathered
  • Create team-based scripts to tailor the script to the correct stage in the cycle

Easily report on the results of your sales campaigns using BeDialer Reports:

  • Build reports on last call information, all call information or use the pre-formatted Call Activity Report Template.
  • Include any of your fields in reporting, including custom fields, call information or script responses gathered during the call.
  • Group and filter reports by your choice of fields.
  • Generate lead sheets in PDF.
  • Export reports to Excel with the click of a button for further analysis.

BeDialer allows you to build a wide variety of reports, including:

  • Campaign activity report
  • Supervisor activity report
  • Call activity report
  • Sales breakdown by lead source, salesperson or team
  • Pipeline report to know where leads currently are in the process
  • Leads past due

Real-Time Management
BeDialer has made it quick and easy to monitor your sales campaigns with our Real-Time Management Dashboard:

  • See real-time calling statistics for each campaign and each user, broken down by result groups or call results
  • See calling results per campaign broken down by lead source
  • Run the dashboard for different time periods to see historical results

BeDialer also offers a visual dashboard that allows you to look at your data and users graphically in a presentation-ready format.

  • Total Calls by Lead Source
  • Contact Positives by Lead Source
  • Calls by Result Group

Stacked rankings of users by calls attempted, leads closed and positives collected on a per-hour average. See our blog for a discussion on the use of Stacked Rankings.