Microsoft Teams integration


Find out more about all the benefits between BeInContact e Microsoft Teams

  • Respond to events in real time

    Easily configure dozens of predefined and customizable alerts based on virtually any Contact Center event, such as when a voice message is left or when queue waiting time exceeds a defined limit.

  • Simplifies internal communications

    Get in touch with agents right away with real-time notifications directly in Microsoft Teams. Agents can stay focused on their tasks without losing sight of what is happening in the Contact Center.

  • Keep everyone in the loop

    Notify an agent or team of relevant events to ensure that customer questions are answered by the right agents at the right time.

Be360°, part of the Becloud Solutions offering, is the next-generation integration platform (iPaaS) that enables the integration of different cloud applications (in addition to integrations with on-premises and legacy applications).

Thanks to this iPaaS, Becloud is able to integrate Microsoft Teams directly in BeInContact (100% Cloud solution of Contact Center Omni channel).

  • Real-time Alerts: Easily set up and use the default and customizable alerts of your Contact Center.
  • Instant Notifications: Quickly inform agents of changes to your Contact Center conditions directly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Simple configuration: start using BeInContact with Microsoft Teams in minutes and with a few simple clicks.


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