Artificial Intelligence

To support your AI in Customer Care


Do you want to adopt new technologies and support new channels to reduce the cost? A close operation with artificial intelligence and humans is necessary to keep up with sensitive situations of the customers and optimize the business performance, offering momentum upward to the future.

BeInContact integrates an innovative system of Customer Care AI and rules to escalate the operation bringing the natural languages and conversational to become an essential component for a successful experience. Interact with an intelligent system becomes always more similar to interacting with a human operator.


Thanks to BeInContact and artificial intelligence, it is possible to standardize the services’ delivery, facilitate and optimize the activities of the Customer Care AI by reducing the agents to manage issues of the first level.

The integration to BeInContact allows trasparently for the final customers, to continue the conversation with a human if the Bot exhausts his knowledge base and so must be treaty from the agent and not in “automatic” mode. The interactions start with the customer and can be automatically escalated to an operator to connect to BeInContact without losing context.


To make easily and rapidly system of Chatbot / Voice Bot: thanks utilization of AI, BeInContact will better the customers’ experience, reduce the waiting time and will better the SLA and performance.

The AI call center agent can be hired on all the channels to answer, reduce time, and increase costs saving margins. Chatbot and Intelligent Voice Assistant will speak with your customers to give the information they need, always being able to count on the important human factor, in case of need.


Thanks to the integration of BeInContact into the system of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, you can have a detailed analysis, of the performance, and the KPI of your Customer Care AI.

Use artificial intelligence for real-time monitoring of the sentiment of conversations, and export the metadata and the recording of an intelligent business system for a detailed analysis of the delivery of your service.


Improve customer service
Reduces manual labor
Makes processes faster
Promotes business growth
Optimize business performance
Natural and conversational language

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