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BeNext – AI & Chatbot

BeNext is the quantum-based AI integrated platform, created by BeCloud Solutions. It is built on a proprietary  algorithm, which can learn new concepts and automatically improve through its extended use.

Its highly-efficient artificial neural network depends on a graph structure with millions of nodes and relationshipswhich are organized into a quantum-inspired data system.

As a result of these connections, it works simultaneously as intelligence engine and as base of knowledge. BeNext  can manage data from any IOT applications and data sources, and work for applications of customer service, marketingknowledge management and citizen assistance, through natural language interaction.

Download the datasheet to discover all features of BeNext:                                                                                 

  • Training by concepts
  • Training time
  • Confidence level
  • No binding pattern of speech
  • Self-learning
  • Cloud and On Premise
  • Multilingual
  • TTS and STT with no pre-cabled ontologies
  • Different sources
  • Profiling & recommendation
  • Pre-integrated with our Omnichannel Contact Center solution

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