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Real-Time and Historical Report

BeinContact delivers hundreds of detailed “out of the box” reports including inbound/outbound reports, agent reports, survey reports, and more. These reports are invaluable for driving agent performance, as well as making timely business decisions based on changes in customer behaviour. The system¹s report scheduler allows supervisors to schedule reports to run when they want weekly, daily, hourly, etc. In addition, reports can be automatically emailed to supervisors, managers and upper management.

BeinContact reporting tools:

  • Build reports on last call information, all call information or use the pre-formatted Call Activity Report Template.
  • Include any of your fields in reporting, including custom fields, call information or script responses gathered during the call.
  • Group and filter reports by your choice of fields.
  • Generate lead sheets in PDF.
  • Export reports to Excel with the click of a button for further analysis.
Customer service reporting

BeinContact allows you to build a wide variety of reports, including:

  • Campaign activity report
  • Supervisor activity report
  • Call activity report
  • Sales breakdown by lead source, salesperson or team
  • Pipeline report to know where leads currently are in the process
  • Leads past due

Web-based reports can be displayed securely on any device with an Internet connection – at work, at home or anywhere in between – enabling supervisors, managers and tenant clients to stay informed. In order to provide high-speed access, including real-time filtering, Reporter Web utilises a noSQL database. The noSQL model excels in the high-volume, high-speed environment of a distributed/ cloud call center operation, and provides many built-in tools to aid the fast delivery of accurate real-time data.

BeinContact provides a fast, intuitive, web-based customer service reporting front end, offering a wide range of standard reports. In a single tool, BeinContact delivers data on current activity, past activity, or a seamless mix of both, updating in real-time. A single browser window contains separate views, or ‘panes’, for campaigns, queues and agents, plus an hourly breakdown. These reports are easy to customise and filter to display exactly the data you need.

  • See real-time calling statistics for each campaign and each user, broken down by result group or call result
  • See calling results per campaign broken down by lead source
  • Run the dashboard for different time periods to see historical results

Historical session reporting is therefore available in the supervisor interface, and can also be presented within an agent script to show reports of agent stats and team comparison.

  • Total Calls by Lead Source
  • Contact Positives by Lead Source
  • Calls by Result Group