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Outsourcing Services

Provide the most innovative and flexible solution to your clients with BPO Solutions from BeCloud. It is necessary to make your organization responsive to fast changing market conditions and to be scalable for business fluctuations. Because BeCloud is a cloud-based solution, outsourcers can scale up or down on a monthly basis, ensuring that you are never paying for more than you use. Our BPO Solutions can help you keep your clients happy with flexible staffing and technology options. The ease-of-use will accelerate time-to-market for new campaigns giving you more time to compete for new business.

Becloud offers, thanks to a network of partners in the country and abroad, BPO services to support the company’s business. Outsource non-core services to enable companies to focus on their business and at the same time reduce and optimize costs, represents the logic on which are packaged BPO services to BeCloud. Personnel are trained at the customer in order to acquire the same skills of the staff.  Market flexibility to BeCloud allows to field qualified resources, multilingual and motivated. BeCloud offers competitive  outsourcing services with respect to cost and efficiency, compared to the use of internal resources. Via a web portal each client company has access, in real time, the state of processing of their files and can interact with the personal BeCloud for the sending of information and of practices to be machined, as well as receiving immediate feedback for the management of situations out process. Each service back office is customised to the specific needs of the client company and its activation is always preceded by a phase of analysis and planning of operational processes.

Why Outsource?

  • Greater  Efficiency
  • Only variable costs
  • Management off peak
  • No personnel management
  • Season Management
  • No cost infrastructure
  • Processing times guaranteed
  • Constant training
  • Pay-per-Use