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Inbound Services

The challenge for inbound services and operations is to resolve customer queries in the fastest possible time, using the least complex path. BeinContact Contact Center enables speed, efficiency and excellence to achieve these goals, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

  • ​IVR – First impressions are important, and IVR is often the first contact customers have with a supplier. BeinContact enables clear and precise IVR flow design by providing a single tool to design and deliver even the most complex IVR flows.
  • Voice and data travel together  “But I just gave you my details!” This is the no. 1 irritation for customers when transferring from agent-to-agent, or IVR to agent. With BeinContact, when a transfer is necessary, all data is gathered and passed with the voice call. Less hassle means happier customers.
  • Sophisticated routing – BeinContact routes calls to the right agents, no matter where they are located, based on IVR selection, agent skill, recognised speech, CLI/ DDI.
  • Voicemail – Customers leave voicemails using BeinContact’s inbuilt voice recording facility. This can then be automatically emailed to a recipient, or even sent to an inbound email campaign, for further prompt action.
  • Home and remote workers – CC supports work-at-home agents with the minimum of setup. All they need is a PC/ laptop, a hard/soft phone and ISDN internet access. All screen-pops and voice traffic are routed to them as if they were located in the contact center.​​
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